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I love to travel and have been in many different country's. I like to experience foreign cultures and religions, but to actualy communicate in a foreign country you need to speak the language. Until now I've learned about 7 languages and will continue on.

Maxime Rose

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Translator

to graduate in high school
to graduate college
to have a successful career as a translator
to visit as many countries as possible
to speak as many fluent languages as possible
to buy a nice house
to have a big family
to have some pets

Why a translator? How much will you make?
Where will you work? Life Goals High level translators-working full time can earn
more than $100,000 a year. I'd like to work for the United Nation.
At the United Nation, official translation
responsibility of the Division of Conference
Manangement's Languages Service.
The Language Service comprises one
translation section for each of the six
official United Nations languages (Arabic,
Chinese, English, French, Russian and
Spanish). Together with their freelance
colleagues, the 160 translators on the
permanent staff of the Languages Service
translate 50 million words a year.
Translators are in these days one of
the most important people, because
without translators communication
between different countries wouldn't
work. I like to translate and to learn
new languages. I also like to learn
about different countries and their
cultures. Until now I speak 7 languages,
4 fluently (German, Russian, English,
Italian, Latin, Spanish, French) and have
visited over 20 different countries. How will your career impact the Nation? Without translators politics and the communication
between different countries wouldn't work. Who influenced me to do this job? Actualy nobody influenced me to choose this
job. I just realized over the years that becoming
a translator is the ideal job for me.
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