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Chapter 3 - Section 2 - Kingdoms and Captivity


Ben Robinson

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Chapter 3 - Section 2 - Kingdoms and Captivity

King Cyrus
believed in
religious toleration.
Assyrians Empire
Falls to the Babylonians
1029 B.C.
Kingdoms and Captivity Time-Line
The Philistines invaded
and conquered
Israelite territories
The Israelites faced the Philistines.
1020 B.C.
The Israelites choose
Saul as their first king.
The Israelites fought the Philistines again. The Philistines loosened their control.
1000 B.C.
King David drove the Philistines
out of the Israelite territory.
David won control of Jerusalem and made it his capital.
962 B.C.
Solomon becomes the
third King of Israel
He formed new trade alliances. He built a famous Temple in Jerusalem.
922 B.C.
Rehoboam became
King of Israel.
The Northern tribes refused to pay the high taxes
Israel split in to 2 parts
738 B.C.
The Assyrians forced
Israel and Judah to
pay tribute.
722 B.C.
The kingdom of Israel ends
612 B.C.
586 B.C.
Nebuchadnezzar ruled
Babylonia and captured Jerusalem.
Judah's leaders resisted Nebuchadnezzar so
the Babylonians destroyed Solomon's Temple and
took thousands of jews
as captives.
Sustained - their religion
While Captive
Messiah - waited for their king
539 B.C.
The Persians
conquer Babylon
538 B.C.
Cyrus freed the
Jewish exiles
from captivity.

515 B.C.
Jew rebuilt Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem
40,000 jews
returned to

Prophets - had a special ability to interpret God's word.
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