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No description

Irina Predescu

on 2 November 2016

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Transcript of Uncover

Planning a get together with a group of friends can sometimes be a stressful process.

People can be overwhelmed.

How have been your experiences of making plans which satisfy everyone in your group of friends?

How important is it for you to go to a place that matches your preferences?

"I never find anything that’s remotely interesting."

"It’s difficult to search."

"I usually hear about events after they took place."
3D Touch & Haptic feedback

Browse venues, events, food & drinks, special offers

Search functionality

Messaging (Calendar)

User profile
A smart city guide

By Irina Predescu
Clickable prototype:
Native app and responsive website
Beautiful imagery
Useful information
Booking system
Rewards program
Main functionality may not be obvious

Confusion about the search icons

Toggling sorting and filtering is not clear

Main navigation was not easy to understand

No need for another messaging app
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