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Social media & EU institutions

Striving for more Europe online!

Mihai Leontescu

on 6 January 2017

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Transcript of Social media & EU institutions

Social Media & EU Institutions
More Europe online!
What harm could it do?
Nonetheless, bits of humour too..
Active participation
Human conversation
Customer service
How much do you want to know about the EU-US transatlantic trade & investment partnership/ #TTIP ?
So, why social media in EU public affairs?
EU mythbusters via social media
Factual statement made by EC Representation in Germany on social media to quickly respond to false interpretations related with the EU seed regulation that appeared in the media!
The paper recommends greater use of social media for the creation of stronger bonds between politicians and citizens
in Europe, which could improve electoral participation and consequently contribute to overcoming citizens’ apathy and the lack of democracy at the EU level.
Source: http://thinkingeurope.eu/sites/default/files/publication-files/ces_mep_web.pdf
Source: http://issuu.com/diplo/docs/twitter_for_diplomats
Can social media change EU public relations?
It already did..
"Return on interaction is priceless &
Return on influence is everlasting"

Source: Digital Communication in EU Affairs: How to master Twitter, Linkedin & social media in public affairs: http://bit.ly/12pg0hm
Social media & ROI
The local conversational model
"Engaging with citizens online doesn’t take a social media ‘guru’ or ninja. Common sense, some digital knowhow and basic tools, and an open, friendly approach are your key assets. However, increasingly, we are also beginning to understand the need to be able to reach out locally".
Source: http://blogs.ec.europa.eu/waltzing_matilda/the-local-conversational-model/
Content strategy: a view from Confab London
"We need content armies! Responsibility for content needs to be taken seriously and be worked into job descriptions so there is accountability for creating and managing content. Sally Bagshaw in her talk":
Source: http://blogs.ec.europa.eu/waltzing_matilda/content-strategy-a-view-from-confab-london/
(Matthias Lüfkens @luefkens author of Twiplomacy)
So, the question to be asked instead is:
"What harm could
Europe online do?"
Share Europe Online, Romania!
Interinstitutional cooperation
EC, EP, EPS & EDICs in Romania
Source: http://storify.com/SPEinRomania#elements
Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/95206962@N07/
Europe Direct Information Centres (EDICs) in Romania connect local news with EC/EP/EPS in Bucharest and vice versa via social media. The following Facebook list created locally retrieves all posts made by the 31 centres on Facebook and it can be accessed publicly via:
Local European stories via Storify (EPS/EC/EP in RO)
Local events by EC/EP/EPS on Flickr
Other Facebook lists used for inspiration include:
EU Commissioners via
EC Representations in the EU on Facebook via
EP Information Bureaus in the EU on Facebook via
Monitoring EU - Online Pulses Romania
Outreach on Twitter. Mentions. Hashtags.
Content accesibility. Targeting local influencers
Source: https://www.evernote.com/pub/mihai_leontescu/ShareEuropeOnline
Live-tweets during events & Displayed on a Twitter wall
Dedicated # for EPIO events/debates #PEdeb8
Dedicated # for EC REP events/debates #RCEdeb8
Creativity.Visuals. Social Media Hooks on Facebook
Thematic Facebook albums/competitions
Source: https://twitter.com/RCERomania
Source: https://twitter.com/EP_Romania
Source: https://www.facebook.com/reprezentanta.comisiei.europene.in.romania
Source: https://www.facebook.com/EPIO.Romania
1 album, 20 photos, 350 comments & 6 winners in 7 days
Responses on Twitter #EUdeb8:
& Winners return
1000 post-its form the EU flag at EPS to celebrate Europe Day 2013
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