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the final four midevil style

noah brown

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of P3MA

The Final Four
Midieval Style Butler Bulldogs
(Crusades) * christianity vs. muslims
*fought over jerulism
*they capsured jerusilm
*they spread technology
*made some university VCU Rams (Black Dealth) v s *Black Death estimated to kill 60% population
*the snow hit hard
*didn't get any food because there where no plants
*got really sick because they where in a closed space

Kentucky Wildcats
(Magna Carta) *their rights
*magna carta means the great paper
*vote before rising the taxes
*even king had to follow the rules
*63 articles
*right away it granted the noblemen but later on it granted all people UConn Husikies
(Feudalism) *large land if you would make an army
*it was around from 900-1300 ad
*fiefs is an acre of land and vasals owned them
*they would split up the land for the kids
*land was more powerful then money back then
*mannor had a mansion and some smaller house for serfs
*serf= pesint v s Kentucky Wildcats
(Magna Carta) *their bill of rights
*Magna Carta means great paper
*they had to vote to rise taxes
*even the king had to follow the law
*63 articles Championship UConn Huskies
(Feudalism) Buttler Bulldogs
(Crusades) Winner UConn Huskies
(Feudalism) v s UConn Huskies
(Feudalism) *they got large land if they made an army
*fief is like an acre of land
*they were granted to vasals
*land was more valuable then money back then
*mannor had a mansion and other small house for the serfs
*serfs ment servents
*this system last through the middle ages (900-1300)
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