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Orientation for Newly Hired Sales Officer


john derrick asa

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Orientation for Newly Hired Sales Officer

Orientation Newly Hired Sales Officer Duties and Responsibilities 1. Maintain existing clients and develop business relationships.
2. Get and contact at least 60 companies every month.
3. Identify and close bookings/sales for both in store and offsite functions.
4. Meet or exceed 15% or P150, 000.00 sales target in a month
(whichever is higher). 5. Shall also render other services as may be assigned to the employee from time to time such as deliver packed meal to clients; pick up equipment needed for an event, etc.

Monthly Budget – 15% per head or 150k whichever is higher.
6. Equipments and Supplies
(Stewardship) Standards of Performance The standards of performance shall be the main indicators of a satisfactory and acceptable performance of a sales officer. They will be evaluated based on the standards of performance enumerated below:
Meet or exceed the assigned monthly quota.

Develop new business relationships and introduce new corporate clients within the period of three months.




Call Time
Store – 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Monthly for non regular employees
Quarterly for regular employees
Compensation During the term of employment, the employee shall be entitled to a Php47.75 per hour
He/She will start to receive a service charge after the first month of employment from your respective store every 10th and 25th of the month. Regularization Awards for Sales Officer Gift certificates for the top seller of the month (exceeding monthly quota) Medical Benefits - upon regularization. Leave Credits - Sales Officer shall be granted five (5) working days annual leave with pay and five (5) working days sick leave. As years of service increase, so does the leave credits. After each full year of service during the term of employment, an additional two (2) days leave will be granted.
In addition, a sales officer shall also be entitled to receive the following fringe benefits:
Sales Incentive - based on the net of sales, meaning gross sales less food cost and other overhead costs. Monthly commission shall be received only upon completion of payment of bookings or reservations made. Sales incentive is subject to withholding tax.
In store Functions - Five percent (5%) commission based on the net profit of in store sales equivalent to or exceeding the monthly sales quota for in store functions.
Offsite Catering - Seven percent (7%) commission based on the net profit of offsite sales equivalent to or exceeding the monthly sales quota for offsite functions.
Allowances Transportation Allowance - Transportation expenses are reimbursable to and from the restaurants and other work related meetings outside the restaurant, based on the actual expense and in accordance to the daily itinerary report submitted to the General Manager. Gasoline Expense Reimbursement Policy applies if a personal vehicle will be used. Maximum allowable expense for transportation is Php1, 500.00.
Communication Allowance - Sales Officer shall be entitled to a company mobile phone with a plan of 500.00. Excess amount of calls/text will be deducted on your salary.

Meal Allowance - Sales Officer shall also be entitled to a meal allowance of fifty pesos (Php50.00) for regular workdays wherein he/she goes on field duty, provided the employee renders a minimum of six hours duty. Corporate Proposal

Academy Proposal

Marketing Proposal (BFF, ex deal)

Accreditation Proposal
Sales Call Procedure Telemarketing
Sales Presentation
Sales Forms Event Contract
BEO – Banquet Event Order
Request for Payment
GC Request Form
Mode of Payment
Monthly Sales Update
Catering O.R.
Flowchart for Offsite Catering Event Set Up Ingress you have to be there 3 hours prior the event. It usually depends on the call time of the event.
Make sure you have your checklist with you.
Inform all the suppliers on the call time of set up.
Supplier List Tables and Chairs/Catering Rental
John Ivy and Party Needs
BND Catering Rentals
Sound System Accredited Venues SMX Convention Center
Gateway Suites Ayala Museum Palasyo de Maynila
Company Tie Ups Convergys Philippines – FREE Classico Pizza for a minimum of P750.00
24X7 Call Center – FREE Classico Pizza for a minimum of P750.00
Sales Organizational Chart Negotiation Skills Bidding Standard Packages In store
Menu Cocktail Food and Drink Menu Baptismal Birthday
Buffet and Plated Menus
Buffet Setup Cocktail Setup
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