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The Battle of Fort Sumter

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laura dowdy

on 2 June 2017

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Transcript of The Battle of Fort Sumter

The Battle of Fort Sumter
When & Where
Leading Up to The Battle
Was the battle of Fort Sumter the bloodiest battle? Is the battle of Fort Sumter important? I can answer these questions!
The battle of fort Sumter was the very first battle of the civil war! Fort Sumter is on an island in South Carolina its main purpose was to guard the Charleston harbor. It took place April 12, 1861! Some people said that the battle of fort Sumter was the bloodiest battle, but this is wrong no one died in this battle.
It all started when some townsfolk from South Carolina seceded from the Union and turned into a worse matter with the formation of the Confederacy and the Confederate Army! Major Anderson, the leader of the Union forces, moved his men fort Moultrie to fort Sumter. Since the Confederate Army surrounded him, he quickly ran out of food. The Confederation was hoping he and his soldiers would leave without a fight but Major Anderson refused!
The Battle
On April 12, 1861, General P.T Beauregard sent a message to Major Anderson saying that he would fire in one hour if Anderson did not surrender. Anderson did not surrender an hour later the first shots were heard the throughout the fort. After, the long hours of the bombardment Anderson knew he was outnumbered and surrendered!
Now that the first shots were fired. The deciding states chose between south and north. The civil war lasted 4 years and 2million men would fight as part of the Union Army!
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