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make up sterilization

No description

Jaydn Summervill

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of make up sterilization

make up sterilization

The history of gamma irradiation goes back around 1895.

In 1963 the first gamma irradiator in the U.S was installed in New Jersey and used for a medical device.
Radiation sterilization is the cleaning of consumer products. The radiation sterilization process is bioburden based, as opposed to overkill.
Paul Villard

Earnest Rutherford

It is predictable and repeatable
Though a radioactive metal is used, the process doesn't leave a radioactive residue
A simple, highly reliable process
Can treat a wide range of products
Isotope and type of radiation
Isotope: Cobalt 60

Radiation: It goes through gamma radiation. The gamma sterilization process uses cobalt 60 radiation to kill microorganisms on a variety of different products. It is ideal for many materials.
jaydn summervill p.3 jensen
High levels of gamma ray exposure
Trained operator is required
Can alter DNA
Protons: 27

Neutrons: 33

Isotope mass: 59.93

Balanced equation: 60Ni + e + energy
Proper disposal of all supplies

experienced worker training

special procedures and supervision
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