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Global Discovery Schools_090415_Ver1.0

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gloabl Discovery Schools

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Global Discovery Schools_090415_Ver1.0

(or Global Discovery Academy School's Secret Sauce)
The Roadmap to Tanay's Dreams
Every child is born with certain dominant strengths, traits, and interests
Tanay grows up to make an
informed decision
about his career

Tanay, 8 years old
These are meant to be inspiration and food for thought for Tanay, rather than prescriptive statements of direction definitively predicted by GDA
Tanay's educator points out that one of the careers that people with his RTMD profile have historically excelled in, is "Astrophysics". This career trajectory also seems to map well to Tanay's aptitude in Maths and the Sciences, his interest in Astronomy and his analytical nature.
GDA maps Tanay's Roadmap to my Dreams (RTMD) profile to potential professional trajectories
A meteor falling on Russia is all over the news
GDA offers the experience and real-world exposure needed by Tanay to fully appreciate what a life in the field of Astrophysics would mean
GDA continuously fine-tunes the effectiveness of it's systems, it's teachers, it's Aha leaders and it's Aha packets with every passing year.
The volume and quality of Aha experiences produced accelerates every year.
Tanay experiences several such Aha experiences that help to shape his mind about his career options
Loves star-gazing
Numerically astute
Problem solver
7 others in Tanay's class similarly map (to varying degrees) to the same profession
Aha packet on Meteors
for Tanay and
his classmates
GDA's corps of trained Aha leaders will get engaged in the design and creation of an Aha packet on meteors
GDA could dip into its long and distinguished list of advisers to bring in a guest lecturer on Astrophysics
The Elements of an Aha Packet
GDA's extensive library of Aha sources, painstakingly compiled over time, will provide our Aha leaders with a ready source of the best content for this topic
GDA will use experiential learning through gadgets, games, activities and technology to illustrate the subject
GDA picks from a list of local venues for a class field trip to bring the subject of meteors to life
GDA will make the most of the buzz to deliver an "Aha moment" in Astrophysics to Tanay, by building an Aha packet on meteors - if possible, to go hand-in-hand with the scheduled CBSE syllabus lesson on meteors in Tanay's class
Ms. Aparna, a Science teacher and a star Aha leader who has undergone substantial training in the creation of Aha packets, will be assigned to the task by the GDA system.
Ms. Aparna picks videos from National Geographic and NASA sites and an article from the New Scientist.
Ms. Aparna picks from a list of museums, observatories, and university astrophysics labs
Ms. Aparna could use a wooden model of the solar system, a meteor shower game at the Khan Academy website, or even stage a "meteor skit" in the GDA amphitheatre. She also makes note of an idea for a simple game that GDA could develop to teach about trajectories.
On digging around a little, Ms. Aparna realizes that Dr. Jayant Naralikar is in town next week and may have some free time to visit the school for a talk.
Tanay's teacher shows her class the news clips on the meteor shower in Russia
Tanay goes through the activities in the Aha packet without realizing that formative assessments are frequently evaluating his progress
GDA's systems will
a. Record Tanay's progress and recalibrate his trajectory based on observed changes in him
b. Report it to his parents
c. Evaluate the effectiveness of Tanay's teacher, Ms. Jalpa
GDA will also recalibrate the effectiveness of it's Aha packet on meteors based on the feedback from Tanay and his 7 classmate's performance, and report it back to Ms. Aparna, the Aha Leader, for iterative improvements
An Aha experience is delivered and the impact is measured
Ms. Vaibhavi, Tanay's mother
Working mother of two
Graduate education
Lives in a tier 2 city
Wants Tanay to study in a progressive school
Picked GDA for the comprehensive education it promises
The Roadmap to Tanay's Dreams
...as seen by Tanay's parents
Ms. Vaibhavi revels in Tanay's roadmap progress on a daily basis
Ms. Vaibhavi receives an
e-mail, SMS and printed circular
with Tanay's homework listed.
She sends a note to Tanay's teacher through the
parent portal
, asking a few questions. She is guaranteed a response within 48 hours.
She is sent an
online photo album
of Tanay's school activities - Tanay looks amazing as "Meteor Mohan" in the class skit
from GDA

informs Ms. Vaibhavi about a notebook that Tanay needs to bring to school the next day
Last but not the least, she's thrilled to know about the
short-list of possible life trajectories
that would suit Tanay's talents. What's more, she can track every activity he did that helped him progress towards his unique goals.
Proud parents rarely keep that pride to themselves
Ms. Vaibhavi shares Tanay's achievements - with photographic evidence received from GDA - on her Facebook page.
Seeing Ms. Vaibhavi's Facebook pictures and comments, her neighbor, Ms. Mala too wants her son to become an astrophysicist. She's aware of GDA from hoardings around town, newspaper inserts, and GDA's door-to-door visits in her neighborhood. Ms. Mala decides to visit the neighborhood GDA admissions office herself.
Based on the number of potential astrophysicists in Tanay's class, GDA uses dynamic calendaring to slot in an Aha packet on related subjects such as meteors. These are preferably executed alongside the previously scheduled CBSE syllabus class on meteors.
GDA knowledge sources are continuously audited for quality, current-day relevance and continuing accuracy
The GDA Educational Toy Library
Learning about plants in the wild
Learning to design and build mobile phone apps for the Google Android platform. This team built a nice calculator app.
Republic day hand painting the colors of the tricolour
Can you say "Cabbage?" - Aha packet on vegetables where children experience them first-hand at a grocery store
An Aha powered trip to the museum
A guest lecture as part of an Aha packet on Karate
Teachers use a Smart Board to bring video content to their Aha sessions
Tanay's evaluations are regularly shared with his parents
Ms. Vaibhavi speaks frequently with Tanay's teachers via the parent portal.
GDA tightly ties employee rewards and recognition to the results of the parent satisfaction survey
The Roadmap to Tanay's Dreams
as seen by Global Discovery Academy
GDA aspirations:
Best practices codified
Variability eliminated
Scalability & quality assured
Ms. Vaibhavi and Ms. Jalpa share data on Tanay and speak often via the parent portal.
Ms. Jalpa must go on record with atleast one conversation with Ms. Vaibhavi every month and will be expected to visit Tanay's home once a semester.
Besides established communication processes, Ms. Jalpa also uses:
Continuous evaluation process
Homework process via worksheets
Balance control card process

Learning Spaces


Teacher Quality
Leverage technology to manage schools
school calendar Java application
that optimizes the use of student time and school resources
Enterprise Resource Planning system
that centralizes school purchasing, records, personnel management and other school processes
Customer Relationship Management system
to manage relationship with new and existing parents
Knowledge Management system
to crowd-source the creation and management of Aha packets across schools
RFID tags
to ascertain the safety and security of school children, and secure school assets
Consistent, high-quality education
Classrooms use
Smart Board technology
to bring lessons to life
GDA teachers use substantial
formative assessments
to spot and address learning issues before they become learning problems
Leverage technology to TEACH:
World-class education technology supports GDA learning goals
Experiential learning being used.
Stanford University FabLabs @ School
being experimented with at GDA
Architecture creates a buzz while learning spaces shape behaviors as a "third teacher"
A warm welcoming space for children (and parents) that ACTIVELY assists in the child's development
A whimsical, non-controlling environment that let's children be themselves - And get to know themselves in the process
Wet and messy area
Watering holes
Various little features that assist in student fitness as well as relieving classroom tedium
Inside-outside connection
fireside setups
rope ladders
Architecture by Studio M Chicago; advised by FNI Florida – world renowned experts in school architecture and former consultants to Disney, Universal Studio and Legoland
Senior Small Learning Center
Junior Small Learning Center, GDA, Sevasi, Vadodara
Bring in the best people
Train them well
Give them the tools they need to succeed
Incentivize them right
29 dimensions help determine appropriate career paths
Aha Packets help develop latent talents and interests
Student Assessments track progress on a specific career path
Teacher Assessment and
Aha Packet Assessment help further hone the experience
GDA customizes the pedagogy to suit the learners rather than force-fitting learners into pedagogies
Teacher Quality at GDA
Recruiting the Best Teachers
Teacher Training
Teacher Performance Evaluation and Feedback
Teacher Rewards & Recognition
On-Going Professional Development
Teacher Career Management and Mobility within the GDA Family
"The very best teachers in town"
Less than 1% acceptance rate after stiff, multi-stage screening process
In-class teaching sessions a must for educators
Strong management team
Rajeev Minocha, Chairman
MBA, IIM Ahmedabad, Stanford Business School
20+ years global experience: C*Level, Franchising & Serial Ventures
Hindustan Lever / Lipton, Perfetti, Parsec, EXL

Pankaj Bindra
Managing Director
MBA, Kellogg School of Management
18+ years experience in Strategy, Finance, Marketing & Innovation with L&T, ABN Amro, Oracle, HP
10+ years founder education venture

Vipul S Redey, Product
Masters, Learning, Design & Technology from Stanford Graduate School of Education
MBA, Ivey Business School, Canada
$2B+/year product management experience with Cisco
Co-Founded & brought e-education startup to self-sustainability
Anjli Kapoor, Director
B.Ed, B.Com(Hons) and RSA-CELTA (Cambridge University)
15+ years of experience in the education field
Director of Pro-Activ Foods Private Limited

Neel Ratna Srivastava, Franchisee Relations
MBA, IIM Kozhikode
16+ years experience - Reliance, L&T
10+ years founder education venture
Highly accomplished innovator in higher secondary education

Himanshu Kshatriya, Operations
MBA, IIM Calcutta
16+ years of IT, Operations and Leadership experience
4+ Years with GDA
An Aha Packet (about Marine Life) in action
Experiential learning is heavy in the early years, in keeping with the typical learning styles of students at that age
Online Calendar
Teacher load balancing
Academic/non academic events
Subject weight
Topic/subtopic listing
Online Calendar
Teacher load balancing
Subject weight management
Topic/subtopic listing
Ms. Mala sees
hoardings and banners
in several places
She is visited by her
neighborhood GDA ground connect crew
She meets the crew again at her
ad is on the bus
in front of her on her way home
When she finally sees
Tanays picture album
on Ms. Vaibhavi and her husbands Facebook pages, she is convinced to visit the GDA office
Ms. Mala identifies with the warm yet insightful nature of the GDA brand
Parents of current students strongly endorse the value that GDA is creating for their children:
The ubiquity of the GDA brand during the admissions season helps to make a strong case for GDA with parents.
“While conventional wisdom requires form to follow function, great architecture emerges from a seamless fusion of both form and function. The work done by the creative team at GDA is progressing towards this kind of fusion. It is exciting for us at FNI to participate as mentors in GDA's laudable efforts within the Indian education sector which is so desperately in need of both innovation and inspiration.”
Prakash Nair and Randall Fielding, Fielding Nair International, USA
The experts agree with parents...
“A truly revolutionary and synergistic amalgamation of the Western Modernized concept with Historical Indian Gurukul Philosophy conceived, developed and communicated for the highest quality learning with an everlasting impact thus propelling India into a Developed world from the Ground Up: Congrats to the founders of Global Discovery Academy; My very best wishes for their Crusade of Comprehensive Curriculum”
Prof. Bala Balachandran, J.L. Kellogg Distinguished Professor, Northwestern University, Evanston, USA Founder and Dean, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, India
“Over my long career, I have been leading and witnessing cutting edge process innovation for Fortune 500 across various industries. Process innovation capability comes by experience and by up taking best practices, and to that regard, GDA team has hand-picked very best process gurus who have done this job again & again in other industries, and who are now turning on to K12 schooling. Time is ripe for Education sector to catch up on Operations Process Platforms, and GDA has made this their charter. GDA Process Technology Platform will shake up this sector and will redefine how schools are planned, created and operated on strategic and daily basis.”
Rajiv Khattar ex-Sr Director, Oracle Corporation
A "Traffic Policeman" enlightens a citizen about traffic etiquette in a Traffic "Aha" packet
Aha packets often use components that leverage
cutting edge learning experiences on the internet
Franchisees, Employees
Welcome to Global Discovery Academy
A battery of tests and data points will uncover Tanay's unique qualities:
indicate outstanding Maths and Science test scores
Mother reports
him to be "obsessed with reading about Space"
Tanay's educator notes that he
loves star-gazing
and is an active participant in the
Astronomy club
Tanay's initial
Multiple Intelligences test reports
(Done annually) indicate his dominant intelligence is Logical/Mathematical"
Through the Continuous Evaluation App, Tanay's educators record an ongoing evaluation of Tanay, based on his classroom engagement and participation levels, enthusiasm, and collaborative approach. He
records his highest classroom engagement in Science and Maths

These responses are updated regularly on the parents portal, where Tanay's parents can see the educators evaluation
Over the years Tanay spends at GDA, these data points taken together represent a treasure trove of data on his personal evolution
Looking at planet Jupiter at the GDA Star Gaze night, where the school opens up to welcome the community to an evening of astronomy lectures, games, and sky watching while they enjoy their chai and samosas
A guest lecture on our solar system at GDA Star Gaze night is followed by guests being taught how to use apps on their Smart phones and tablets to identify various astral bodies in the night sky
GDA regularly organizes large educational events that attract attention from far and wide
Whether it is the first ever All-India Inter School Google Android Mobile app competition or the GDA Star Gaze event or the forthcoming movie making competition, GDA has always made it a point to host highly differentiated and scintillating events that garnered press, parent and community interest from far and wide
The first ever GDA All-India Inter School Google Android Mobile App competition was judged by Dr. Kiran Bedi, the first Indian woman Police officer and a role model for GDA's "Roadmap to my Dreams" platform
Ms. V. Sanghamitra, a 9th Grader from Tirunelvelli, Tamil Nadu, won the All-India competition for an app she developed that trained hospital personnel for biomedical waste disposal. GDA's Launchpad team taught her (and all the other finalists) Android programming
Mr. Sam Pitroda, Technology Adviser to multiple Indian Prime Ministers, spoke to the children about the importance of becoming innovators
134 teams from schools in 30 cities across India competed through multiple elimination rounds. The press coverage, local and national, was incredible. GDA plans to broaden this competition to a multi-event inter-school "Technology Olympics" occurring annually.
Tanay answers a battery of questions in psychometric evaluations used by GDA to identify his dominant strengths
The Continuous Evaluation App used by the educator enables them to record ongoing feedback on Tanay's participation and engagement in class and map it to the results of the initial diagnosis of his strengths
Tanay's test results indicate that his two most dominant intelligences are "Logical - Mathematical" and "Naturalist". This is recorded on Tanay's Roadmap to my dreams (RTMD) profile. The above report is made available to Tanay's parents and educators.
The evaluation is based on well-established research, such as the Harvard Graduate School of Education researcher, Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences theory espoused in his seminal work "Frames of Mind"
GDA's Roadmap to my Dreams platform is a multifaceted
system that enables GDA to offer personalized education
. It follows the example of the highly personalized care one receives
in medicine
where a Doctor will
a patient,
(b) prescribe an
to treat that patient
(c) have a
to ensure that this treatment is working
No two patients have identical medical experiences in any of these phases.
GDA aspires to do the same with K-12 education.
GDA discovers Tanay's strengths
The young Doctor wannabes get up close and personal with the parts of the human body - or the paper, plastic and cardboard version anyways. Here we are, studying bones, muscles, the digestive system and the circulatory system.
Watching fabric being manufactured and understanding where your clothes come from
Fun yet educational school events like "Scientific Perspective Day", "Math Mania" or "English Cafe" culminate in a large parent audience viewing their children's work
Educators will observe Tanay's engagement levels during class activities
They will take note of any latent talents that surface in class
Last but not the least, they will continuously evaluate his scholastic performance
His scholastic performance is compared with the dominant strengths identified for Tanay. For example, his strong logical / numerical intelligence should be a good predictor of his being comfortable with subjects like Maths and Computer Science
A child's RTMD profile is reflected in the uniform, homework communications and classroom seating
GDA Colour Code Program
GDA's RTMD Uniform Design
A very visible tag of each child's specific dominant intelligences on the sleeve make it easy for the educators to determine the best way to teach this specific individual, or a class dominated with others exactly like him/her.
As a child grows and potentially sees his/her dominant intelligences change over time, these tags can be easily changed to reflect these changes.
These literally make it possible for a GDA student to wear her achievements on her sleeve, fostering self esteem, prompting respect from peers and educators and teaching children that EVERYONE is good at something.
Why do students classify their subjects?
Another RTMD data point
Students are more self-aware of their strengths
Educators can focus on the reds in their class
Parents focus on the red subject homework
Students are only competing with themselves (thereby continuously improving)
GDA Schools can focus their pedagogy investments (Aha packets, Aha events, LSD) on subject areas with the maximum reds

RTMD profile-based seating enables educators to attend to the struggling students. A buddy system with the stronger students also enables those more proficient to earn merit badges for helping their weaker buddies.
She liked the philosophy of individualized education for Tanay, explained to her at length by admissions officers at GDA's city office.
She also appreciated that GDA seemed to have a pulse on Tanay's tastes - He loved taking his picture in the astronaut cut out and attending an admissions workshop event for kids his age on Scratch programming
Ms. Vaibhavi stays well-informed about Tanay's school through Faceook or Google Plus and shares the neatest of the pictures she receives in the DAILY GDA albums.
The GDA brand promises to deliver a tailored, rewarding and happy education experience

Classroom Seating Arrangement
Discovery Launchpad
Global Discovery Academy believes that:

Given the right opportunity, all children are creators rather than just consumers. They'd rather be designing video games rather than playing them, cooking a snack rather than eating it, or designing their clothes rather than just wearing them
They must be helped in developing an attitude of actively searching for entrepreneurial opportunities that they can exploit
They must be comfortable in leveraging all forms of technology to exploit that entrepreneurial opportunity
Stanford FabLabs @ School
Robotics (Lego Mindstorms) and Embedded Systems Design (Arduino)
Students learn the founation principles of two high-growth areas in technology that can also offer promising hobby prospects
Android and MIT Scratch in the basic computer curriculum

Teaching the building blocks and logical flow (rather than the actual syntax) of programming
International Collaborative Programs
GDA Baroda students collaborated with their peers at the Carroll School, Boston, USA, to solve programming problems as a team.
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
To paraphrase Harvard University President, Larry Summers, "We want Global Discovery Academy students to create their own jobs rather than finding them".
Goal: Each child is should start an entrepreneurial venture - however small and understated - in a field of their choice by the time they leave Grade 12.
This program will also introduce children to the basic skills needed to run their own company, like basic accounting, people management, and sales & marketing concepts.
TEACH Technology: The GDA Discovery Launchpad Program
A space that enables children to give physical form to their abstract imagination as well as learn classroom concepts through hands-on experiences
GDA ensures that parents have multiple forums at which to interact with educators, such as impromptu 1:1 meetings...
.... at frequent school events.....
... or at the more formal and structured Parent -Teacher meetings

The Evolution of GDA's Learning Space Designs
GDA Harni, Baroda
NRI GDA Bhopal
GDA 1.0 @ Gotri-Sevasi, Baroda
A creative space that spurs the artist in children to create and then showcase those creations:
Story telling areas,
da Vinci studio & music rooms
A safe, non-judgemental space that allows children to express themselves
Sunken courtyard
Public speaking area
Our inspiration comes from the world's best school space designers.
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