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Introduction to IB Biology (HL)

No description

Janice Chen

on 3 August 2016

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Transcript of Introduction to IB Biology (HL)

HL Bio Syllabus Outline
Core topics (95 hrs)
Additional HL (60 hrs)
Option (25 hrs)
Lab practical activities (40 hrs minimum)
Internal Assessment (10 hrs)
Group 4 Project (10 hrs)
Core Topics (95 hrs)
Cell biology (15)
Molecular Biology (21)
Genetics (15)
Ecology (12)
Evolution & Biodiversity (12)
Human Physiology (20)
Additional HL (60 hrs)
Nucleic acids (9)
Metabolism, cell respiration and photosynthesis (14)
Plant Biology (13)
Genetics & evolution(8)
Animal physiology (16)
Internal Assessment - worth 20% of IB score
one scientific investigation
10 hours
6-12 pages long (penalty for longer than 12 pages)
Should be complex and appropriate to the difficulty level of the course, demonstrating a purposeful research question and investigation.
Possible tasks for IA

using a


and analysing it graphically
using a
provided it is
Optional topics:
One of the four - 25 hours
Neurobiology & behavior
Biotechnology & bioinformatics
Ecology & conservation
Human physiology
Introduction to IB Biology (HL)
Internal Assessment (IA) Criteria
Personal Engagement - 2 (8%)
Exploration - 6 (25%)
Analysis - 6 (25%)
Evaluation - 6 (25%)
Communication - 4 (17%)
Total - 24 (100%)
Lab practical activities
(40 hrs minimum)
experimental activities, analysis of data from databases, spreadsheet analyses, or open-ended simulations
can apply to any topics in the HL Biology curriculum

experimental activities, analysis of data from databases, spreadsheet analyses, or open-ended simulations
can apply to any topic in the HL Biology curriculum
statistical analysis required for all data collected
External Assessment - worth 80% of IB score (tests assessment objectives 1,2,&3)
Paper 1 (20%) 1 hour - 40 marks
40 multiple choice - no calculators
Paper 2 (36%) 2 1/4 hour - 72 marks
data based questions
short answer questions
2 out of 3 extended response questions
calculators permitted
Paper 3 (24%) 1 1/4 hour - 45 marks
Section A: short answer questions based on experimental skills & techniques, analysis and evaluation, using unseen data
Section B: short answer and extended response from ONE OPTION (A, B, C, or D)
calculators permitted
What topics am I going to learn in IB Biology (HL)?
What skills am I going to learn in IB Biology (HL)?
What am I going to be evaluated on?
Assessment Objectives
1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:
facts, concepts, and terminology
methodologies and techniques
communicating scientific information
2. Apply:
facts, concepts, and terminology
methodologies and techniques
communicating scientific information
3. Formulate, analyze and evaluate:
hypotheses, research questions, and predictions
methodologies and techniques
primary and secondary data
scientific explanations
4. Demonstrate the appropriate research, experimental, and personal skills necessary to carry out insightful and ethical investigations.
How will I be assessed/evaluated?
How will I show that I understand the topics and skills of IB Biology?

Formative Assessment
Ongoing in-classroom feedback for both students and teacher that can take the form of DO NOW assignments, in-class writing prompts, practice questions from old IB exams.
This counts as homework/classwork score for course.
Group 4 Project - 10 hours
A collaborative activity where Diploma Programme students from different Group 4 subjects work together on a scientific or technological topic.
Types of projects
designing and carrying out field work or a lab investigation
collating manipulating and analyzing data from other sources
designing and using a model or simulation
contributing to a long-term project organized by the school
Summative Assessment for the course
Quizzes & exams
Lab reports or lab quizzes
Internal assessment
Internal assessment (20% of IB Score)
External assessment (80% of IB Score)
Summative Assessment for IB Score
Course Grade for IB Bio HL
Homework/Classwork - 5-10 pts/assignment
Lab Assessments - 25-75 points/assignment
Quizzes - 20 points each
Exams/Tests - 100 points/test
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