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Luke Bryan

No description

Emily Sell

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan
How Luke Bryan got started
Luke stated getting popular in 2007 with his song "I'll stay me".

He followed with "Doin' my thing"

He really started singing and song writing with his band in 2004
Luke was born on July 17th 1976
He grew up in Leesburg Georgia.

He has 2 son's
Bo or Thomas Boyer Bryan
Tate or Tatum Christopher Bryan

Caroline is his wife's name
Luke Bryan's top 10 songs
1. Drunk on you
2. I don't want this night to end
3. Country girl (shake it for me)
4. Do I
5. Rain is a good thing
6. Someone else calling you baby
7. Kiss tomorrow goodbye
8. All my friends say
9. We road in trucks
10. To damn young
115 people helped choose the order of these songs
Band Members
Michael Carter- Guitar
James Cook- Bass
Dave Ristram- Utility
Kent Slucher- Drums
Kevin Arrowsmith- Fiddle
He read the words as he sang the national anthem
More pictures of Luke!
Luke and Caroline right after Tate was born.
Luke loves to hunt.
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