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My first prezi

Jessica Litchfield

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of BOLIVIA

Where Was I Going?
When I was riding the plane, my original destination was Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. I was going to vacation there with my family for a week over spring break. I was really excited and couldn't wait to go there.
This is a
picture of
Rio De Janeiro,
What's The Weather Like?
Eastern Bolivia is a jungle.
The climate is very wet and rainy.
This means it can be hard to find dry firewood and fires can burn out quickly.
The weather is very unpredictable.
Nights are warm and musky and Dec. and Jan. are the hottest months of the year.
What Kind of Animals Live Here?
There are many diverse animal species in Eastern Bolivia. Some are listed below.
Pumas (predatorial wildcats).
Armadillos (almost rat-like medium sized creatures with hard shells).
Many types of birds.
Several species of monkey.
Tortoises and anteaters
What Kind of Plants Are There?
Since my crash site is in the jungle, there are many plants there, including...
More than 2,000 types of hardwood trees.
Quinine trees.
Vanilla plants.
Saffron plants.
Large variety of fruit.
Interesting Information
Bolivia is very interesting. It has the largest salt deposit in the world (Salar de Uyuni).
The main language is Spanish.
Annual rainfall is about 5,000 mm.
Soccer is the most popular sport.
By- Jessica Litchfield
5th Hour
How I Survived In Eastern Bolivia.
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