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4th Quarter CIP

No description

Prezitime Design

on 5 April 2016

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Transcript of 4th Quarter CIP

27th Ave Stormwater
Improvements Phase 1A
Cost: $1,667,561
8th Ave & 22nd St Entryway Improvements
Cost: $388,068.68
Centennial Restrooms
Cost: $294,506.15
East 16th St:
Us 85 to Ash Ave
Cost: $1,229,948
Bittersweet Path Phase II
Cost: $100,932.00
Monfort Concert Hall Stage Floor
Cost: $75,913.78
West 20th ST:
71st Ave to 74th Ave
Cost: $1,701,993.00
59th Ave from 20th St to US34
Cost: $1,659,844.00
Triangle Improvements
Cost: $536,134.00
Bellvue WTP ‘58-’64 Filter Improvements
Bellvue Pipeline – Installing Tracer Wire
Bellvue Pipeline – Lowering Pipe
Bellvue Pipeline - Crossing Taft Hill Road
WPCF – Existing and New Dewatering Centrifuges
WPCF – 1/8/16 Digested Sludge Spill
WPCF – New G3 Dewatering Centrifuge
Water & Sewer Project Status
Water Treatment Plant Improvements (Boyd Lake and Bellvue)
Bellvue Transmission Pipeline (Phase 1 and 2)
North Greeley Sewer - Phase 2A
WPCF – Solids Handling and Treatment Improvements
Boyd Lake WTP Plate Settler/Trac-Vac Sludge Collection System Installation
WPCF – 1/8/16
Digested Sludge Spill Cleanup
Cost: $290,392
Bittersweet Restrooms
City Council Work Session
January 26,2016

Public Works
4th Quarter 2015 CIP Summary
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