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12 Stages:Big hero 6

No description

Ethan Cyrille

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of 12 Stages:Big hero 6

Stage 2: A "call" for
While Hiro and his brother Tadashi was leaving the college a massive explosion
happened in the college,but the professor
was still in the burning college. Tadashi
came in what did not make it out.(the only
thing that came out was his hat)
Stage 3:Refuse of the call
Hiro is not able to do anything without knowing that Tadashi died, he refused to know that Tadashi is not with him anymore.
Stage 6: Finding Allies and encountering enemies
Hiro encounters Tadashie's friends and they decide to help him find the enemy. Hiro finds out the enemy hides behind a mask
Stage 5: Passing the "threshold"
Hiro decided to leave his aunties home behind and to start a new journey to find out who was responsible of blowing up the college of technology.
Stage 1: Life on the ordinary world
Hiro is a normal boy that goes to High school
like a normal teen.He also visits his brother's college to see what he created o spare time.
Stage 4: Discovering a Mentor
After Tadashie's death the medical robot named Baymax guided or instructed
Hiro threw his days.
12 Stages:Big hero 6
Stage 7: tests and challenges

Hiro discovers that the
enemy uses his technology for his own doing, so Hiro finds out the enemy controls his creation named
the microbots.
Stage 8 :approaching the innermost cave
Hiro and his allies discovered a deep experimental cave that scientist was working on a portal to
the moon which would obviously fail on the first try.
Stage 9: Seizing the sword

Hiro, Baymax, and yhe others decides to face the villain head on at the city so he could stop all the destruction going on.
Stage 10

Everybody finds out the main villain
is actually the head of the college the professor. Reason why is because his daughter was a test subject for the portal and know gone in space.
Stage 11: resurrection
Hiro and Baymax goes inside the portal to save the villains daughter, but Baymax decided to sacrifice him self to save Hiro
Stage 12: Returning with the elixer
Hiro brings back Baymax's
arm with him so he can build up
a new one. After that everything went back to normal.
Heroic archetype: Apocalyptic Hero

Type of archetypal journey: the quest for identify

character archetype: the hero

Symbolic archetype:light vs darkness
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