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Student funding challenges & support provided by Edge Hill

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Transcript of Student funding challenges & support provided by Edge Hill

Student funding challenges & support provided by Edge Hill
Money Advice Team
Where to start? What to apply for? How to apply?
Challenges student face applying for student funding & what works well
For the record!
Applied for everything you're entitled to?
Unsure? DROP IN and we'll check
Financial Health Checks
Still waiting to find out
what funding you'll get?
DROP IN or check out our
online guides at

How to contact us
Mon & Fri - 10am to 1pm
Tue & Thur -1pm to 4pm
Possible support if you are struggling financially
The University
Hardship Fund
Money savvy tips
Part-time work (try to limit to 15 hrs a week):
'Edge Hill works'

- Online Job Vacancy Service managed by the Careers Centre
- Thought of applying for any of the Edge Hill Scholarship?
(can be worth up to £2,000)

Council Tax
- Request your exemption certificate and take to your local Council Tax Office
NUS extra card

- Apply online or get on the day from the Students Union (SU)- 1st floor of the HUB
Travel passes

- Check out deals and passes that may save you money
Help with Healthcare costs
- pick up a HC1 form and apply.
'Bump up' your skills as well as your bank balance
'Cut down' your expenses
Take the hassle out of budgeting.
Let Red Alert do the number crunching!
Check out our website for lots of money savvy tips!
Student Services
Financial concerns of students and parents and what works
What info and advice would you like us to provide?
How would you like us to work with you?
Relationship difficulties with parents.
Money Matters pages
Advise to apply early, explore estrangement and part-time work
Money running out in the first term
Budget ahead of starting uni and stick to it!
Overdraft can mask challenges ahead
Use overdraft as a safety net and not another source of income
Costs not factored in
Variable costs such as travel, going out, study materials, deposit for house for 2nd yr, clothes, shoes,
Edge Hill University
Money Advice Team
Student Services

Shahida Ahmed
Direct students to our Money Matters pages
Where to next?
The key to financially 'thriving not surviving' is to plan ahead and budget
Encourage students to apply early, not to forget to post in their declaration form and call if unsure
Benefits and how affected
SU Advice Centre
Change of circs
Childcare Grant tweaks
Direct students to the Money Advice Team
Targeted communication
and the SU advice centre where needed
Ensure childcare costs are a good estimate
Update Student Funding body
Tailored online package designed to build and build on financial capability
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