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George Rogers Clark

Lexi McCann

Ms. Cripe

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of George Rogers Clark

His parents names are John and Ann Rogers Clark He didn't go to school, his grandfather taught him to survey George Rogers Clark He was born on November 19, 1752 in Charolettsville, VA His parents names were John and Ann Rogers Clark. They were plantation owners He grew up near Charolette, Virginia He had 3 brothers and there names were William Clark, John Clark and Jonathan Clark He didn't attend school his grandfather taught him to survey. He did not get married or have kids. He had milatary experience.
In Lord Dunmore's War, he served with the Virginia militia. He was elected to particapate in Louisville, Kentucky's civil war. He was a member of the patriots. During the American Revolution, he got the Kentucky territory made part of Virginia so it could be supplied with arms against the british. He was given a military commission and led a small Army north to Ohio River to capture British outposts and reduce the Native Americans threat. After the Reveloution, he helped resolve land for his former troops. He accepted a position in the French Army to lead Kentuckians against the Spanish to the south. He made a living by, severvingon indian commissions to resolve disputes. He died on Febuary 13th, 1818 in his sisters home in Louisville, KY He died of a stroke. He was asked to lead the expedition to explore the Lousiana Purchase but he said he couldn't do it but his younger brother William Clark could do it. References: Grccsar.org
locustgrove.org THE END
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