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My life in Pink and Green

No description

phoebe toombs

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of My life in Pink and Green

My life in Pink and Green
protagonist and antagonists:
-The protagonist is Lucy, because she realizes that her family is in a lot of money problems.Lucy tries to find a solution.She made the makeup products, to earn money for her family.She was a true hero.
-The antagonist isn't clearly stated in my book.It is more of a light and happy theme. If their had to be an antagonist, it would be grandma because she was firing people, and made Lucy's task harder.

Lucy Desberg:Main character the of story.She is twelve years old, and very helping.She is determined to help her family's drugstore by making eco friendly cosmetics.Even though she was twelve, she is thought to be very mature.Instead of whining about everything, she tries to figure things out maturely.The only things said about her physical appearance was that she was twelve years old, and dressed spunky.
Sunny:Lucy's best friend.She always helped out with the pharmacy.She was always complimenting the costumers,and helped Lucy out. You never caught her being rude, she is the best friend that everyone would die for.
Yamir: Sunny's Brother who is very sweet. He always tries to help Lucy out with her problems, and is a little older than them. He becomes Lucy's crush at the near end of the book.
This image represents Lucy because Lucy is a brunette, and always trying to find ways to save the environment
This girl represents Sunny because she always has a smile on her face,is smart, and could use a little work on her hair.
This person represents Yamir, because he is described as a hot guy that is sunny's older brother.
The story takes place at a school and a family drug store/pharmacy in Old Mill, Conneticut. The name of the company was Old Mill pharmacy.
The theme of this novel as a whole would have be,"Help those in need because not only will they benefit from it, you will as well.The reason that this is my theme is because Lucy helps her family pharmacy out, and gains a lot of publicity from her eco-friendly products.
These ecofriendly cosmetics will help save the enviroment and your beauty emergency. Not only are they amazing, but they are healthy too. They coverup your skin, while clearing it at the same time.You an get yours for a low price of$50.99 plus shipping&handling.buy now!
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