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Copy of Manichaeism

No description

Sister Agnes Cousins

on 2 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Manichaeism

Manichaeism- Form of Dualism

The struggle between good and evil
System of Belief Began...
When: 3rd Century
Where: Mespotamia (east)
Heresy's Strength/Why People Were Attracted To It
Manichaeism won the support of many high-ranking political figures
He attracted followers whom he called upon missionary work in order to convert the entire world
Mani's different group of followers
The first group
The Elect

Lived ascetically and devoted themselves to redemption
Mani's second group
The Hearers
They followed Mani's teaching but they also did what was forbidden for the elect, they made food and created children
By: The Britt(ney/any)s

3rd group
It was necessary in making Manichaeism a popular religion
not obliged to adhere to any religious practices, they only had to believe
Did followers of this heresy rad the Bible or did they use completely different texts. If they did read the Bible, which verses/ books are particularly important for them?
The followers of Manichaeism did read the bible, but they rejected the Old Testament, in particular the Acts of the Apostles, because it told the decent of the Holy Ghost in the past.
Since they rejected most of the bible, there were no verses or books that were particularly important to them.
Did these beliefs die out completely? IF not where can they still be found?
The beliefs died out before the 16th century in Southern China
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How did the Catholic church respond to this heresy? Also what is it about their beliefs that are heretical?
The Catholic Church considered Manichaeism a heresy for its dualism which is a belief in two equal powers of good and evil. Its disregard for the Old Testament and its Gnostic-style doctrine of salvation by knowledge. Augustine was a convert from Manichaeism.
Manichaeism was a belief system that placed good and evil against each other in a struggle. The nature of the religion reflected Mani's native Persia, but it also included elements of Christianity and Buddhism. Those who resist the temptations of the flesh, and attain the knowledge to do so enter paradise, and those who do not continue the cycle of death and rebirth in the evil material world.
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