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No description

Melike Göncü

on 1 June 2014

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Cathy :
She works at Beach House.She has no brother or sister and her father and mother died a long time ago.
Miranda :
She died two years ago.She had beautiful dark eyes and long dark hair.She was Duncan 's wife.
Duncan :
He lives in Beach House.He has a job with a big London company.
Mrs. Harvey :
She is Duncan 's mother.She has white hair.She had a stick because of her arthritis.
Juliet :
She has got black hair and dark eyes.She is Miranda 's sister.She is a teacher.
Susan :
She is seven.She is quite with big brown eyes.
Tim :
He is five years old.He is energetic.
Nick :
He is tall and he has got blue eyes.He lives at a farm near the Beach House.
a painful disease of the joints
to go down suddenly
be aware of something
tell about something possible danger
something that cannot explained or understood
find out
agree that something is true ; confess
Look after:
to make someone happy and comfortable
to press against something and make it move suddenly
a long thin piece of wood
Cathy's first job was look after Susan and Tim ,the two children of Duncan Harvey.Cathy got the job because Duncan 's wife died a long time ago and old Mrs. Harvey had arthritis.
Cathy arrived Beach House on a cold October evening.On the way of the house she met Nick Watson.Cathy liked the children and she also made friend , Juliet.
One evening Cathy went out with Nick.Mysteriously,Nick warned her to be careful at Beach House.Mrs Harvey discovered that Cathy became friendly with Nick so warned her to stay away from him.
Cathy noticed that there was a mystery about Miranda 's death.She only knew that Miranda died two years ago.She went to the local library and looked at some old newspapers.She discovered that Miranda fell down the stairs in her house and died.But did Miranda fall or did someone push her?
One cold winter's day,Duncan ,Nick and Cathy came across on the beach.There was an argument and Cathy learned that Miranda loved Nick and wanted to leave Duncan and the children for him.During this argument,Cathy realized that she didn't like Nick any more but she was in love with Duncan.
Duncan and Cathy return to the house and Mrs Harvey admitted that she pushed Miranda.She didn't want to kill her but she just wanted to stop her.
At the end of the story,Cathy stayed with Duncan and the children. Mrs Harvey went to hospital.
His elder sister ......... ........... him ,until their mother comes.
My grandma has ................. in her legs so she can't walk much now.
The baby ..... ..................... the world.
Linda .... ..............the baby's cradle slowly.
In the end the accused .................. his crimes.
He ...............us to be careful.
His leg is broken so he has a ........... .
There was a hole in the sidewalk so he nearly ....... ............. .
It will be a ................ journey in the jungle.
is pushing / stick / mystery / arthritis / admitted / fell down / is discovering / warned / look after / noticed
She .................. that there was a mistake.
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