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View_Inquiry/Digital Project

No description

Abigail View

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of View_Inquiry/Digital Project

Work Cited
McGraw-Hill has been a powerhouse in educational publication sales since 1909 when James McGraw and John Hill joined forces (McGraw-Hill Companies, 1909). McGraw-Hill has developed many different programs in a wide variety of subject areas. This commercial reading program critique will examine Macmillan/McGraw-Hill's Treasures-Grade two curriculum. Stephen Mico, the Senior Vice president of Literacy and Humanities for McGraw-Hill, states, "[Treasures] fully support[s] the nation's goal of producing a common core of voluntary standards that are aligned with college and career expectations and which are reflective of cross-disciplinary skills, such as critical thinking and problem solving" (2010). Does Treasures reflect this goal?
Treasures-A Review for Grade 2
The review continues to note (2007):
...Review panel members found that the scope and sequence was not helpful in identifying imporant skills in the program; however, they did find the unit planner helpful in this endeavor. ...The committee agreed that this program could be difficult to implement in the classroom given its various program components. A cursory analysis of the supplemental instruction showed a lack of explicitness in materials for teaching struggling readers. The interventions program, triupmphs, was quite explicit and very clear in tis "I do, we do, you do" format.
Final Thoughts...
In conclusion, Treasures has many excellent features that when used appropriately are affective in producing proficient readers and writers. It is crucial to be aware that the evidence supports this product only when every element is being put to use. If only parts of the program are purchased, Treasures should be supplemented with other resources when needed. every teacher and student is different and requires diverse methods and models--they do not fit into a program; the program must fit to them.
Alabama Reading Initiative. (2007). Expert review of core reading programs. Montgomery, AL: Alabama Department of Educations.
Allington, R. (2012). What really matters for struggling readers: Designing research-based programs. New York, NY: Pearson.
August, D., bear, D. R., Dole, J. A., Echevarria, J., Fisher, D., Francis, D. J., ... & Tinajero, J. V. (2011). treasures. New Yourk, NY: Macmillan/McGraw-Hill
Bond, G., & Dykstra, R. (1967). The cooperative research program in first-grade reading instruction. reading Research Quarterly, 2(4), 5-142.
Dudley-Marling, C. & Paugh, P. (2004). A classroom teacher's guide to struggling readers. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.
Frechtling, J., Bozeman, H., Hoover, k., & Zhang, x. (2007). Using macmillan mcgraw-hill treasures, reading triumphs, and treasure chest: An up-close look at program implementation and impacts. Rockville, MD: WESTAT.
McGraw-Hill Companies. (n. Dd.) Corporate history. Retrieved from http://www.mcgraw-hill.com/site/about-us/corporate-history#section2
Mico, S. (2010). Alignment with common core state standards. Letter to Literacy Educator.
A Commercial Program Critique
Treasures-Grade 2
List of Available Materials
Other Digital Resources-
Sound Pronunciation Audio CD--$33.30
Classroom Presentation Toolkit--$109.77
Vocabulary Puzzlemaker--$106.56
Listening Library Core & Paired Selections--$75.42
Listening Library: Approaching Gr. 2--$75.42
Listening Library: On Level Gr. 2--$75.42
Listening Library: Beyond Level Gr. 2--$75.42
Listening Library: ELL Gr. 2--$75.42
Intervention Anthology Listening Library Audio CD--$75.69
Intervention Student/Teacher Materials-
Intervention Anthology--$19.95
Tier 2 Teacher’s Ed., Fluency--$9.48
Tier 2 Teacher’s Ed., Phonemic Awareness--$9.48
Tier 2 Teacher’s Ed., Phonic/Word Study--$9.48
Tier 2 Teacher’s Ed., Comprehension--$9.48
Student Assessment--$5.40
Benchmark Assessment--$47.73
Unit Assessment--$47.73
Assessment Handbook--$29.91
Fluency Assessment--$90.36
Diagnostic Assessment--$44.91
Running Records Blackline Masters--$58.62
Benchmark Books Package of 30--$37.32
Running Records/Benchmark Books Package--$90.60
ExamView Test Generator--$164.16
Additional Student Materials-
Content Readers--$1,924.71
Science Content Readers--$2,163.57
Social Studies Content Readers--$1,278.78
Interactive Read-Aloud Anthology--$42.09
Time For Kids National Edition--$16.50
Additional Teacher Materials-
Tier 2 Teacher’s ed. Vocabulary--$9.48
ELL Resource Book--$33.30
Teacher Resource Package--$543.30
Workstation Flip Charts Package--$161.85
Fluency Solutions--$61.56
Leveled Libraries (Package List Only)-
Grade k-6 Level Reader Database--$748.38
Approaching Level Package (1 ea. of 30 titles)--$155.76
Approaching Level Package (6 ea. of 30 titles)--$809.46
On-Level Package (1 ea. of 30 titles)--$155.76
On-Level Package (6 ea. of 30 titles)--$809.46
Beyond Level Package (1 ea. of 30 titles)--$155.76
Beyond Level Package (6 ea. of 30 titles)--$806.46
ELL Package (1 ea. of 30 titles)--$155.76
ELL Package (6 ea. of 30 titles)--$806.46
Decodable Books (Package List Only)-
Decodable Readers Package (1 ea. of 6 titles)--$40.50
Decodable Readers Package (6 ea. of 6 titles)--$240.03
Activity Materials/Manipulatives-
Oral Vocabulary Cards--$108.72
Photo Cards--$151.41
Sound Spelling Cards (Large)--$109.23
Sound Spelling Cards (Small)--$53.25
Word Building Cards (Large)--$79.83
Word Building Cards (Small)--$60.42
Retelling Cards--$247.20
Visual Vocabulary Resources--$59.88
Vocabulary Cards--$105.90
Punctuation Cards--$24.51
Letter Tiles--$108.72
Small letter Cards—464.89
Classroom Rotation Chart--$78.18
Happy, the Puppet--$21.42
Sound Spelling Workboards--$86.49
Student Edition-
Reading 2011 National Pupil Edition, Book 1--$44.28
Reading 2011 National Pupil Edition, Book 2--$44.28
Treasures SE Works--$22.17
Grade 2 SE Works Plus Online--$88.59
StudentWorks Plus Online--$88.59
Teacher Edition-
Treasures Teacher’s Edition Package--$491.55
Grade 2 NAT TE W/BKMARK PKG--$82.08
Reading National Teacher’s Edition Book 2-6--$82.08 a piece
CCSS Lesson Planner--$150
Treasures Online TE--$122.37
Online Teacher Edition--$491.55
TeacherWorks Plus--$477.23
Workbooks/Practice Books-
Instructional Routine Handbook--$19.98
Practice Book On Level--$5.37
Grammar Practice Book--$3.90
Grammar & Writing Handbook--$20.25
Phonics/Spelling Practice Book--$3.90
Handwriting Practice Book--$5.31
ELL Practice Book—$6.42
Big Books/Teaching Charts-
Literature Big Book Package (1 ea. of 6 titles)--$327.09
This expert review shows that Treasures and its supplements have the components for a three-tier reading model. It is significant to document the importance of the supplemental materials when implementing this program. Without all of its elements, Treasures is not as effective as the research suggests. the Alabama Reading Initiative discovered that overall, Treasures appeared difficult to use, lacked in vocabulary development, and had a scope and sequences only for Unit 1 of the Teacher's Edition.
Personal Discoveries
"Children learn to read by a variety of materials and methods... No one approach is so distinctly better in all situations and respects than the others that it should be considered the one best method."
--Bond & Dykstra (1967, p.75)
Richard Allington writes, "The education marketplace is a "buyers beware" market. Little scientific research exists that demonstrates any package or program works consistently and reliably" (2012, p. 17).
"While a basal or other commercial program can provide good resources for reading instruction, it is the informed decisions of a knowledgeable teacher as he or she uses these materials that will ultimately make a difference for students."
--Dudley-Marling & Paugh (2004, p. 78)
Thoughtful Literacy
How does Treasures fit into the idea of "thoughtful literacy?" Thoughtful literacy means that students should be actually thinking about what they read and then explaining their thinking (Allington, 2012, p. 122). Unfortunately, Treasures provides limited opportunities for students to explain their thinking. There are many multiple-choice tests and graphic organizers, but there is little conversation. Conversation is important for thoughtful literacy. This is one area of Treasures that will be vital in supplementing through conversation.
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