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Harrison Ford

No description

Marty Mathonthal

on 26 January 2016

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Transcript of Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford is an American actor who has played such infamous roles as Han Solo in the Star Wars series and archaelogist Indiana Jones. These characters are considered iconic in Hollywood film history. Ford recovered from a nasty piloting accident recently and has celebrated reprising his role as Han Solo in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Despite his mega-star status not many people know much about his background.
Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford
Whether you know him as Han Solo or Indiana Jones there is no doubt he is one of the greatest and most successful actors of this or any generation. But Ford overcame many challenges to achieve fame and fortune showing a strength of character that surely was central to his great success.
Cocky Attitude,School Bullies, and Bad Grades
Still Impressing the World Today
There is no doubt that Harrison Ford has influenced the world of entertainment through such iconic roles as Han Solo and Indiana Jones. Statstically, Harrison Ford has earned more money at the box office with his movies than any other actor or actress. He has also won several prestigious entertainment awards such as two People's Choice Awards for favorite all-time entertainer and favorite movie actor, a Lifetime Achievment Award, an MTV Movie Award for best on-screen duo, and a Golden Globe Award. In addition he has earned an Honarary Cesar, an American Society of Cinematographers Board of Governors Award, a Bambi International Film Award and a Young Hollywood Award for being a good role model. These awards are examples of Ford's importance to the motion picture industry and help to solidify his place among the greatest actors of all time.
Acting Origins
Harrison Ford faced many obstacles in his life, whether it was being thrown out of college, being bullied, bad grades, or not lasting long with studios because of his cocky attitude. These failures and temporary setbacks lead Ford to be the man he is today. When Ford was younger he was often bullied for his poor grades and in fact was beaten up regularly. Four days before graduating from college Ford was expelled due to failing to show up to class causing him to fail. Ford's cocky, arrogant attitude caused issued for him once he found studio work and landing quality roles became challenging because of his bad reputation. It most definitlely was not a smooth ride for Harrison Ford on his way to stardom and fame.
Harrison Ford in one of his greatest movies ever Star Wars: A New Hope, circa 1977
When Harrison Ford was younger he chose an intesting approach to dealing with the bullies who challenged him to fights. Instead of engaging these delinquents he chose a passive response, simply refusing to fight them and thereby denying them the satisfaction of overwhelming him. It didn't stop the abuse totally but proved to be a unique approach for dealing with conflict. Ford got his start in acting rather arbitrarily, joining the drama club in college only because he was forced to do so. Suprisingly, he found that he loved it which, for the first time in his life, provided him with a purpose. His love for drama also lead him to continue with his collegiate education which up to that time was rather unremarkable. Ford's interesting background eventually lead him to a chance introduction to George Lucas, who was looking for a young actor with swagger to help star in his 1950's story that would become American Graffiti. Ford's relationship with Lucas would leas to even greater roles and successes.
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