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Merchandising | Case Study

No description

T. Bernie

on 23 July 2014

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Transcript of Merchandising | Case Study

The Challenge
International celebrity makeup artist Sue Devitt founded eponymous line of prestige treatment-infused makeup and skin care.

Sue Devitt was chosen as part of the brand assortment for the launch of Macy’s Impulse Beauty; opening this retail account was imperative to brand growth strategy for distribution, consumer awareness and trade visibility. Two weeks before artwork turnover, the brand’s design agency of record canceled work on the project.

The Solution
A West Coast-based visual communications firm with Macy’s as its longtime client was quickly retained and downloaded on key brand elements. Due to the compressed timeline, hands-on project management required hand sketches then sent via PDF to firm for graphic creation as well as in-house copywriting for immediate type set with directed visuals. Due to the time zones, all submissions were reviewed and responded to for corrections real-time, 24 hours. With limited prior display experience, fast learning and intuition were employed to oversee 12-foot gondola engineering for impactful product layout and fixture selection, including category organization by bay and shelf, live demonstration testers, factices, and highlighter ramps. The compelling construct, affixed at eye level, was “The Eye Compass” interactive display of the cult-favorite brand item Eye Intensifier Pencil. Generally, eye pencils are merchandised in a cup or soldiered layout that makes them uninviting to test. With a map graphic underlay that magnified the pencil signature “powder blue,” “The Eye Compass” immersed customers in brand story of “beauty is an adventure” to discover best suited colors and experience the velvety texture by testing the 15 shades, guiding them with easy to follow copy and an inviting, playfully arranged color wheel.

The Results
Point-of-sale achieved being appealing, shoppable, and a stand out. Macy’s Impulse Beauty senior management commended the design of the Sue Devitt 4-Bay Gondola for its out of ordinary look and feel. In an open sell environment of recognized trendy brands, exploited the lesser known Sue Devitt brand’s point of difference ‘marine blue’ and ingredient graphic aesthetic to be eye-catching and a traffic stopper in a competitive sea of solid black as dominating brand color. Months after launch, the brand ranked Top 5 in all doors, partly from pull of merchandising design. This led to being allotted an End Cap, expanding the brand footprint and featuring best-selling Eye category items including repurpose of “The Eye Compass” to multiply the brand’s hero product visibility and sales.

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