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Cars Over Time By Nico

Nicolas 4th grade ms. margots class


on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Cars Over Time By Nico

Coachbuilt Splendor
By 1909 cars where more cheaper and more popular. Only the rich people had more then one or two cars
Horseless Power
In 1862 the first car was made by a France man cold Etienne Lenoir Gingerly. The car had some difficulty because it didn't had gears! Time pass and 130 cars where made the first man to buy it was a man cold Benz Velo, he bought it by 1898
The Pioneers
By the 1900's century cars where looking more like and more stronger. The first car was hard to make it work,it also was hard for the driver. This car only got to 1,000 miles and 1,600 kilometers
Supercharged Power
In the 1920 the supercharged power was a british car and also a racing car of 100mph and 160 kilometers. They only built 45 of those cars but only to race
Traveling In Style
These cars where until 1920 to 1930. They only had theme in the U.S.A, like Chicago and Hollywood. Most cars had the rich people
Family Motoring
In the U.S.A 1.000.00 family's had bought this car and not just only family's. This car is a British car could Ford Y. It was built in 1930 and stopped at the beginning of 1940
The History Of Cars
High Performance
This Mercedes Benz was built in 1950, it was mostly a sport car of 140 mph. It was made in world war 2. In this car you cant put your luggage because it had a wheel.
The End
4th Grade
Did You Know
Did you now one hole car had 30,000
parts! Most of it is suspensions, breaks and steering.
Did You know
Did you know an engine has an air
filter and a generator of 100F and 1700C! It also had turbo power only made for race cars!
Did You Know

Most cars where bow shaped along
time ago. They also where semi elliptical! The cars had a light tube.
Thanks For Coming!!
By: Nicolas
Ms Margot's class
4 Grade
Did You Know
Did You Know that long ago the wheels of the cars were lighter or bigger.

Did You Know
Did you know a driver has two main ways
of controlling and by steering.
Did You Know
Did you know that some people bought the car and didn't had a family because they wanted a car.
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