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R422 Presentation

No description

Alexandra Kruis

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of R422 Presentation

Double click anywhere & add an idea OneTradition All little about us... HISTORY Needs/Wants/Demands
MISSION STATEMENT Direct and Indirect Competition
Competitive Advantage
An official Website for prospective students to see the differences in schools (ex. tailgates and teachers)
Comparing made easy
Community site for students to write about their pride and joy
Helping bring Universities across the Nation together in a smaller communtiy base at the tip of your fingers!

What We're Doing for You! Four College Students saw how great their school was and wanted the rest of the world to know and then realized they needed to know more... The OneTradition mission is to inform all prospective students and interested students about the traditions implemented at all Colleges and Universities across the country. Our goal is to bring the traditions, statistics, and knowledge together in one place to make one informational/community website. DIRECT-College comparison websites like Collegeprowler.com
INDIRECT- Social network websites like Facebook. Unique because of all of the insight OneTradition finds for future students, current students, as well as for alumni!
We want to be there for prospective students and help them make the right college choice. Our Plan... THE 4 P's Product Place Price Promotion Building Our RELATIONSHIPS Capturing VALUE We are building relationships with our target market and businesses in the college towns are important because we want to bring universities across the nation closer to the people.
We are bridging the gap between the community and our target market.
We are conducting surveys to ensure customer satisfaction. OneTradition offers many different options that are updated frequently to ensure users get the most updated information about any of the universities that are part of our online community.
Discounts and deals will be offered consistently to our premium customers to make sure their membership is greatly appreciated. Target Market Characteristics Management Philosophy Value Proposition College Students Everywhere!
Males and Females
Students and Incoming Students 17-25
Students who Appreciate School Pride
Students who Love Nightlife
Students who Love School Traditions
People Looking for the Inside Scoop on the School and the Teachers
Societal Marketing Concept to the students.
Selling Concept to the advertisers. Incredibly low prices to students
Fair prices to advertisers
Diversity in schools
In depth school information A website for current, incoming, and alumni college students who wish to learn more information about a specific school such as traditions, current events including athletics, fundraisers, Greek life, and educational statistics.
Premium packages for students who desire extra incentives such coupons and discounts at local shops, restaurants, and bars.
A place to easily compare schools side-by-side OneTradition offers free services to all users for their convenience.
Premium package is offered at $1.99 a year. Now people get information about colleges by visiting them and surfing the school's website. One Tradition will create a place to compare and contrast schools side-by-side and give them all the in-depth information they need to make a decision at no cost.
Making the decision process fast and easy will answer the demand for quick information to students and parents everywhere.
Based on how many online communities there are now, we will be fulfilling the need of wanting to be a part of your school's community before, during and after you attend.
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