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Mindfulness and Meditation/Visualization

No description

Alec Steele

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Mindfulness and Meditation/Visualization

Three minute meditation video
1. Recognizing you need help.
2. Find a certified psychotherapist who can facilitate the meditation process
3. Enter a calming setting (ie: soothing music, comfortable temperature, relaxed environment, etc.)
4. Psychotherapist will then instruct the process, to the patient, in which to accomplish a state of meditation.
5. The patient should then visualize themself in a healthy state and focus on that. They should adopt this healthy state as the one they are currently in.
6. ^.^
Meditation and visualization are a way to improve the body's or mind's condition without the use of drugs. It takes advantage of how the mind is able to affect the body. By seeing yourself as being health and in a good condition then you will go to that state.
Process of Therapy
The role of the psychotherapist is to facilitate the meditation process and to guide or instruct the client through the technicalities.
Mindfulness and meditation originated as a form of Buddhist meditation and as a way to better their memory and to maintain presence of the mind.
Mindfulness and Meditation/Visualization
It is still practiced in today's society by many people whether it be at home, with a clinical psychologist or in a Buddhist temple.
Some find it very hard to believe that such processes can aid them both mentally and physically if properly used.
1. http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-courage-be-present/201001/how-practice-mindfulness-meditation

2. http://sujato.wordpress.com/2011/01/18/a-brief-history-of-mindfulness/
Current Status
Alec & Alexei
Process of meditation - mindfulness
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