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The Zürich Paradigm (part 1)

No description

Ricard Garcia

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of The Zürich Paradigm (part 1)

Our quest is there: Find an answer to those questions Because we are treasure hunters...
...and there's a treasure at the end of the trail Always new ones coming out, always worth a try We discovered many 2.0 tools... or apps We've been through do's and don'ts as well Overwhelm students with lots of apps Dangers lurk in our quest for the final goal How to assess? A Quest for Excellence The Zürich Paradigm Why are we landing on this island? We have already disembarked... In fact, we did some time ago Our students' engagement into their own learning process, their rediscovery of the pleasure to learn... Make it short, Ricky, or I'll slit yer throat!!
(typical pirate expression from the 17th Century) Really? You say the same every year! Present.me https://present.me/view/47424-chinese-food http://www.thinglink.com/user/299434226929893378/scenes https://popcorn.webmaker.org/ We learnt about 2.0 apps: Remember? Creative Engaging Easy Collaborative Learn the tool before using it Let students use the tool without a clear goal State what you want from your students Feel the need to go 100% 2.0 Ask students to discuss stories, negotiate roles and find material before putting their hands on the app Don'ts Do's How to incorporate all our stuff into a single environment? And now Sue will have a look at a possible way to find that treasure Thanks, mates!
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