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Sofia O

No description

Manor Prep

on 29 November 2016

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Transcript of Sofia O

Greek Mythical Beasts
Created by Sofia Oppon
All about Typhoeus
He married Echidna, who was half snake half woman.
As it was impossible to kill him, Zeus and the other Gods, trapped him under Mount Etna

Birth: Pegasus was born from the blood that spurted from Medusa's NECK.
Bellerophon, a greek hero, tamed Pegasus and HAD ADVENTURES. zEUS WANTED pEGASUS TOO, so he made a fly bite Pegasus.tHE FLY MADE pEGASUS FALL BACK TO EARTH, AND b WAS DISABLED FOR LIFE.
Typhoeus was a fire-breathing dragon, with 100 heads!
He was the son of Tartarus,the Underworld and Gaea, the Earth.
snakes for hair, a human torso, lower half of her body snake and married to the most fiercest monster in history, Typon.
Her children were; the Gorgon sisters, who she passed down her trait of snake hair, cerberus, chimera, hydra, spinhx, lion of nemea, syclla.
She and Typon attacked the Olympians, wanting to take over. But Zeus managed to repel them, burying Typhon under Mount Etna; Echidna and her children were spared to continue challenging future heroes. Echidna was killed by Argus Panoptes while sleeping.
I hope you really enjoyed it, The End!!!!
Pronounced 'Ekidna'
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