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Celebre Phrases

No description

Laura Escobar

on 19 October 2014

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Transcript of Celebre Phrases

Great Reflections
Of Julio César García Valencia

He was born in 1894 and died in 1959
"We feeel more strong, more good, when we have near to a dear person and that person love us too, and we can give all the hours´s day to that person, that person understand all our feelings".

"When a person is going to give something, must give the best".

"We have in the first term with the human capital, and we have the most important for the success´s company".

"The lack of intelligence and mutual colaboration between parents and teachers is the main weakness of our education".
"My heart was waiting for her .. since I saw her for the first time, I understood that was the women with I could be able to understand me".
"That happens is the best".
"My spirit is full of you, but with an anxiety that make me indispensable your presence".
"I have waited uselessly near to the phone all the hours, when i consider posible your call".
"Sacred God, because you did of me an leafy tree, water with your heart’s fountain, enriched with the most values fruit".
"Sacred be you God, because you sweet my pain, and because you learned me top ut in you all my trust".
"God is going to help all the good things".
"Colombia has rigth to wait that the university secure the Christian sense of the fraternal understanding… in base to the restauration of the humanistic tradition of the country".
"The university’s duty is does that prevails the desinteresed culture".
"The minority are more when are good".

"Our personality is complete, since that we have found the other half of we selves, without it, our life is full of sad and crying".
"The human being is what thinks".
I don´t deny the benefits of the free education, but that is the cause the fathers are ignoring the obligations thah for natural law belongs them , and they believe the eduaction of their children belongs to the state.

Stefania Segura
laura Escobar
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