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Clara Oswald

No description

Cessair Chen

on 15 January 2016

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Transcript of Clara Oswald

The Impossible Girl...
Who is Clara Oswald?
What happened next?
After a bit of searching, The Doctor did find Clara - this time in modern-day London, in
The Bells of Saint John
And then...?
After that?
Clara Oswald
We first met her in
Asylum of the Daleks
with the 11th Doctor, Amy and Rory. Except... she was a dalek. Why? We'll go to that later.
Then, the Doctor met her again - this time, in
The Snowmen
. Here she was a barmaid/governess. She did help the Doctor defeat the Intelligence, but at pretty much the last moment, died.
But the Doctor did discover that Clara was impossible - How was it possible for her to die in the dalek asylum, and in victorian London as well?
Clara was invited to join the Doctor on his travels through time and space, from the Rings of Akhaten to a Russian submarine in 1983.
The Name of the Doctor
One of the Doctor's old friends is told that The Doctor's secret will take him to the grave and "it is discovered".
The Doctor and Clara go to Trenzalore, the place of the Doctor's grave (A very big TARDIS). The Great Intelligence threatens to kill the Doctor's friends if they don't go inside.
Inside the grave, the Great Intelligence jumps into the Doctor's timeline. And to save the Doctor, Clara jumps in as well.
Clara is split into a million pieces of herself, thanks to the time winds. And that's how Clara became 'impossible'. Of course, the Doctor did rescue Clara, and they went travelling again.
The End?
Face the Raven
At first, Clara didn't accept the newly regenerated Doctor. But learned to accept him, and went on to defeat Missy (female reincarnation of the Master).
The Doctor regenerated into his sort-of 12th incarnation at Trenzalore, defending the town of Christmas in
The Time Of The Doctor
Rigsy contacts the Doctor and Clara, showing them a tattoo with a countdown. When it reaches the end, Rigsy will die.
Clara persuades Rigsy to transfer the "chronolock" tattoo onto her, because she believes she is safe because of Ashildr's contract.
But in transferring the Chronolock to herself, Clara broke the terms of the contract, and neither Ashildr nor the Doctor was able to save her.
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