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Presentation : Smartphone

No description

Ji Won Lee

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Presentation : Smartphone

Smartph one ne I can't live without YOU Why? Campaign Self-diagnosis Opinion Experiences & Korea Communication Commission Number of Smartphone subscribers 30 millions (date) (10,000 people) Opinion Smartphone
has a effect on human BAD Addiction checking habits times a day constant use 34 distraction during mealtimes, working, class
even in bathroom car accident more than people died 3000 in 2010 in United States Smartphone Syndrome All physical and mental syndrome
results from smartphone use for long hours Forward Head Posture Digital Dementia Dry eye normal forward
posture A new kind of Crime School Violence Smartphone thefts using smartphone SNS Sung Jung & Ji Won Story of This story has been reconstituted based on our experiences Do you think about using your Smartphone constantly? Do you have to check your Smartphone before bed and immediately upon waking? Have you ever checked your Smartphone while at a meal with others? Do you check your Smartphone while walking on a busy street Do you spend more than 30 minutes a day doing anything on your Smartphone? Do you have multiple backup batteries or  charging cables? Have you ever put down your Smartphone swearing that you will not use it, and then find yourself picking it up again shortly afterward? Question No. Yes No Smartphone Addiction Test What was your score? 1-2 3-5 6-7 Smartphone day Every first wednesday,
turn off your smartphone. How to live SMART Real smart life is enjoying your emotional life
while sometimes you turn off your smartphone. Do ____________
instead ______________ Touch in person
instead your display screen smile brightly
instead "kkk..." Look around surrounding people
instead facebook Topic : Does smartphone has a bad effect on human? Thank you
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