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Jeff Kresge

on 9 September 2011

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Transcript of Restored presentation

Web Collaboration Tools for Educators

Jason Kathman: 99jkathman@jamestown.wnyric.org
Jeff Kresge:
99jkresge@jamestown.wnyric.org "The Apology" In case you've been wondering what the
"Fresh Prince's" uncle has been up to... Video Conferencing skype
http://skype.com/ Callgraph
http://callgraph.biz/ ooVoo
http://www.oovoo.com/ elluminate
http://www.elluminate.com/ Stories Story Creator
http://myths.e2bn.org/story_creator/ Webstreaming ustream
http://www.ustream.tv/ quantumshift
http://www.quantumshift.tv/ Online Bulletin Boards
(Post memos, notes, assignments) Stixy
http://www.stixy.com/ Twiddla
http://www.twiddla.com/ Timelines thisMoment
http://www.thismoment.com/ Timetoast
http://www.timetoast.com/ Drop Box/ File Sharing Drop.io
http://drop.io/ Getdropbox
http://www.getdropbox.com/ Videos YouTube
http://www.youtube.com/ YouTube Education
http://www.youtube.com/edu TeacherTube
http://www.youtube.com/edu Zamzar
http://www.zamzar.com Animoto
http://animoto.com/ Backchanneling When is talking behind the
teacher's back a good thing? tinychat
http://tinychat.com/ Todaysmeet
http://www.todaysmeet.com/ Documents Zoho
http://www.zoho.com/ Google Docs
http://docs.google.com/ Wikis Wikispaces
http://www.wikispaces.com/ pbworks
http://pbworks.com/ On Screen Instruction Don't you hate having to give the same instructions on how to do something on a computer 50 times? Now you don't have to! Bubble Comment
http://www.bubblecomment.com/ Screen Jelly
(For Twitter , email, sharing)
http://www.screenjelly.com/ Closed Online Communities Edmodo
http://www.edmodo.com/ Wiggio
http://www.wiggio.com/ Ning
http://www.ning.com/ Podcasts Gcast
(produce your own)
http://www.gcast.com iTunes Music Store
(Free download and podcasts are free)
http://www.apple.com/itunes/ Coming Soon:
Google for Education Google Docs can shared among students, student email, , websites, calendars, etc. and access can be limited. Where Can We
Find More of These Tools? GO2WEB20
http://www.go2web20.net/ Facebook
http://www.facebook.com/ Twitter
http://twitter.com/ A Bit More On Twitter Follow the right people -
We can provide a list Use a service such as
Tweetdeck to make it
more effective
http://tweetdeck.com/beta/ Be sure to create a profile with education and your subject. Add a picture! Do not Tweet what you had for dinner. No one cares. Share great tools, links, sites, ideas, and ask questions. People are VERY helpful if you follow the etiquette. Your followers and the people you follow are your "PLN" - Personal Learning Network. Follow as many as you like. Two Sites Everyone
Can Use Everyday Cooliris:
Super fast, uber fun
image search
http://www.cooliris.com/ Wordle:
Create FUN Vocabulary Lists
http://www.wordle.net/create Screenr
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