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No description

Ashley Rodenhuis

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of Revlon

Revlon For Men?

Brandon Kirkman
Brittany Bowers
Ashley Rodenhuis Three Reasons Why Men Try to Look Good:
1. Career enhancement
2. Look attractive to woman
3. Ego and competitiveness Top Men's products in grooming market:
1. Frangrances
2. Shaving
3. Deodorant
4. Hair care
5. Skin Care
6. Bath and Shower Revlon's Target Market:
Regular Joes
Marked Grouchos
Neutrals Revlon's Men Care Marketing Strategy:
To enter the men's cosmetic market with a
complete product line that is very affordable and directed towards the middle-class men.
Branding Strategy:
-Use the credibility of the "Revlon"
name to attract men to their products
and those who want to take proper care
of their skin.

-To maintain the feeling of masculinity for men
even though they are using a cosmetic line. Take a look at Clinique's Website vs. Revlon's for comparison


Revlon's Target Market
Ubersexuals- concealer, shaving cream, hair color
Regular Joes-skin care products, deodorant
Marked Grouchos-body wash, frangrances 1. The use of references is a key
advocate for Revlon to get men's
attention for their cosmetic and skin care line (vicarious learning).
2. If men like one product of the line they are more likely to buy another product from the same line (operant conditioning). It may be easier to target the ubersexuals but it would turn away the regular joes and marked grouchos, which makes up 57% of the total target market. Conclusion:
Revlon's men skin care line has the potential to succeed, however there is uncertanity with male perceptions and behavior. To make this a hit, they need to keep up with the changing demographics of this male market. Work Cited:
Consumer Behavior: Building Marketing Strategy
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