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Stitchery Collective Pitch

Pitch presentation to The Stitchery Collective for upcoming public relations campaign

Michelle Smith

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Stitchery Collective Pitch

The Stitchery Collective - Average person in the UK sends 30KG of textiles to landfill each year!

-Two million tonnes of textiles end up in landfill!

- $12 billion on more than ONE billion fashion items each year

- 5% of Australian landfill is made up of textiles

- Unaccountability on issues of enivronmental responsibility & treatment of workers

- "Perfect Size Ten" The Opportunity Create a strong brand identity and consistent brand messages that upholds the organisations values and beliefs. By January 2013, the following objectives are expected to be reached... (cc) photo by twicepix on Flickr "That fashion can be more than pretty clothes for pretty people" Key Messages (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Position the stitchery collective as a more professional, desirable and permanent organisation, decreasing staff turnover rates and recruiting new employees. To capitalise on the existing partnership with QUT to foster the long-term recruitment of interns. Align with already existing Brisbane fashion bloggers to further connect with target markets. We learned long ago that people act on their own perceptions of the facts, leading to predictable behaviors about which something can be done.

Scope PR tries to create change or reinforce that opinion by reaching, persuading and moving-to-action the very people whose behaviors affect your organization. Create a mission statement that the stitchery collective can use to attract and maintain volunteers. Tactics "The stitchery collective is committed to re-casting fashion as a moral platform that sustains, inspires and connects individuals and communities. Through workshops, collaborations and initiatives we aim to educate and demonstrate that the value of fashion runs far deeper than pretty clothes for pretty people" Create a portfolio of existing and past projects from the stitchery collective ...fashion is more than pretty clothes for pretty people. The stitchery collective presents a wealth of knowledge and innovative ideas.

Scope PR wants to leverage this to develop a strong stitchery collective identity and acquire and maintain sufficient human resources.

This PR plan will enable the stitchery collective to share your passion through workshops, events and initiatives to demonstrate that ... Extensive knowledge of the industry and range of skills Strengths Weaknesses Overall direction/core focus for the stitchery collective Increase the recognition of the stitchery collective brand, including logo, mission statement and key messages of organisation amongst high school students, QUT fashion and Creative Industries students

Increase permanent employees by 100% by January 2013

Increase online presence (through social media including blogs and Facebook) by 15% by January 2013

Increase already existing 772 Facebook likes, to 900 by January 2013

Run two school based workshops each month by January 2013

Set up an internship program between QUT Fashion and Creative Industries students and The Stitchery Collective by January 2013 To create a "Revamp Workshop" that can be run in Queensland schools To create a "Walk in Wardrobe" event educating your key publics about sustainable fashion Set up the stitchery collective with a stand at QUT's Volunteer Expo and Orientation Day Align with the QUT Creative Industries Internship subject, highlighting the stitchery collective as a suitable organisation for a student internship By using a combination of social media, face-to-face and interactive media channels we will raise awareness of the stitchery collective and communicate appropriate key messages to target publics.

Through event interaction and existing connections, we will maintain and strengthen relationships with stakeholders to create a stronger brand image and increase manpower for the stitchery collective. The Strategy Social media;
Facebook/Twitter for students The Channels Facebook/Blogs for fashion community Face-to-face communication;
leave an impression on potential volunteers 2. 1. "Creating and designing your own clothes will give a sense of pride and accomplishment whilst allowing you to express your individual style" 3. 4. "The stitchery collective continues to forge the path for sustainable & ethical fashion through their creative work shops & events" 5. 6. "The stitchery collective is a professional & passionate not-for-profit organisation that is worth devoting your time to" The Fashion Landscape Existing affiliation with QUT Experience running workshops and collaborating with organisations at events Gaining and maintaining manpower Goals
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