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Beads and Bolts Necklaces

Business Plan for CYOB

Tristyn Vaughan

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Beads and Bolts Necklaces

1. Who are your consumers?
Our consumers are grade 6 and 7 girls and boys and teachers who enjoy unique handmade necklaces. Why did you choose this idea from all your original ideas duuring your brainstorming time?
We chose this idea because we are creative and we thought it was an origianl idea. We figured there would be a large market in selling this and according to our market research there is. We wanted to do something original and this was the most original one we had. Finally we chose this one because we concluded that we all had a lot of the materials we would need so we could save more money.

Materials Employees Ian Moulton Sara Hopkinson Tristyn Vaughan 2. What do they want?
They want cool, original,
handmade accessories that
express their style, peronality
and interests easily and fashionably. 3. What are the supply and demand factors?
Our supply and demands factors focus mainly on our Japan neckalaces. Many people have said they are willing to pay more knowing half of the profit will be going to help the relief efforts in Japan. 4. Can you profit from this? How?
We feel we can profit from this
greatly. Our market research shows
that our most expensive necklaces
the Japan ones are also most in
demand.They have also said inspirational words on necklaces
are a great way to express yourself.

Beads for Decorating the necklaces
Wire for putting the beads and the nuts and bolts on
Nuts and Bolts als for decoraing the nacklace
Paint for writing the words on the beads
Markers for decorating the signs
Display Items ( sheets racks) for displaying our items
paper for the signs and the booth
string for making the neckl;aces
tape for putting thiongs up on the booth
pins for writing on the beads
Paint Brushes also for writing on the beads

What has your company done to
decrease it's environmental impact?
Also all of the paper we use will be recycled. We are also making a product that requires no electricity.On top of that none of our materials will be wasted. Finally half of our materials can be decomposed.
The Next Wave In Fashion 1. We are making necklaces what would you like written on them?

Market research Options People
Breathe 1
Perfect 2
Dream 12
E-Cliffe 0
Act 0
Sing 3
Dance 6
Eagles 0
Trust 2
Live 0
Step 1
Express 3 2. If we were to make necklaces that had hope, love, and Japan would you be willing to pay 50 cents more for these making the total $2.00 knowing that half of the money raised would go to help the relief efforts in Japan? Options Answer
Yes 28
No 0
3.How much are you planning on bringing to C.Y.O.B.? Options People
$5-$10 12
$11-$20 12
$21-$30 0
$31-$50 1
Other 0
4. If we were to have necklaces with sports on them what sports would u want out of these? Options Answers
Base Ball 4
Football 1
Lacrosse 0
Soccer 6 Financing Regular Necklaces-$1.50
Japan Necklaces-$2.00
Extra Beads-50 cents
Personalized-$1.50 There are three people in our group and we get a $20 each so...
20x3=60 so we have $60 dollar start up money. The money is coming from our allowances. We do not plan on getting any loans because we do not to have to pay it back plus the interest.

We have tried to get
to the store to check our pricing but have yet to do that. We plan to by the end of the week. Though we have not been able to check the prices on our materials that we still need to buy we have an idea of what we want to charge for our product. If we sell all our products we should make $366 in profit without knowing how much our materials will cost. If we sell half our products we will make $183. WHAT EACH OF US WOULD MAKE IS $61 IF WE SELL HALF OUR PRODUCT. IF WE SELL ALL OUR PRODUCTS WE'LL EACH MAKE $122 WITHOUT KNOWING THE PRICE OF OUR PRODUCTS. tHANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO OUR PRESENTATION AND DON'T FORGET TO JOIN THE NEXT WAVE IN FASHION WITH BEADS AND BOLTS NECKLCES AT eARNSCLIFFE'S 2011 C.Y.O.B.
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