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North Korea Presentation

No description

Ryan Villanueva

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of North Korea Presentation

Concentration camps
There are plenty of camps all over North Korea.People are tortured and killed there. Some people are born and spend their whole life in camps.
Problems with the econmy
Torture and death
There are many ways to get tortured there.Some of the ways include, fed to the dogs,beating with sticks or a method called the pigeon torture, which is when they hit you in the chest until you puke.These are only few of many ways of torture.
Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader of North Korea, has been in charge of North Korea since 2010, when his father Kim Jong il pass away. After his father's death, he gained full control over the country and he has done nothing good to the economy.He also wasted most of the money on military weapons, soldier, and research.
Practically, anything you do there is a crime.Making a bad comment about the government is a big crime there.Some of the simplest things are considered, life or death.
North Korea Presentation
The economy is facing lots of problems. The government doesn't even care about the people who live there. There isn't proper health, which is one of the reasons of death. And all the concentration camps makes it extremely hard to live there.
A command economy is an economy when the economy does what ever the government says.They chose what goes in the market.Also they chose what is good and bad for the economy itself.
This affects North Korea because it is a command economy.They don't allow alot of supplies in the market, and they don't care about the society.
Recently, North Korea, has launched 4 missiles, in the inside the country.Those were launched just 5 days ago, on Feb. 27
On March 3rd, John Short an Australian christian missionary was sent back to Australia after being imprisoned for a month.He expelled out of the country with out any punishment because of his age which was 75 years old.
Recently, there was a picture took by NASA of North Korea in space at night, with no lights.There was only a few dots that could be seen.
North Korea is a secretive country they don't allow tourist,or news cast in.The only way to get in, is to either have some relatives over to have a family reunion.Or permission from the government to enter.Even if you do get in, there is little to do, and they won't show you the bad stuff.
Some Questions.
Do you think North Korea would change?

Do you think that the Russia and China shouldn't help North Korea?
Why do you think this is happening in North Korea?
How do you feel about the government?
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