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Who is Responsible?

No description

Ruth Pavoor

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Who is Responsible?

By: Ariel Lee and Ruth Pavoor
Who is Responsible?
Circle Graph
We believe that Adolf Hitler takes 25 percent of the blame of this tragic massacre of the Jewish people. If you think about it, Hitler came up with every single step including where, when, and how it would happen. It is because of him that the people were persuaded into his wicked ways. Obviously the guy was a psychopathic maniac to even have such a thought of exterminating an entire culture. He knew what he was doing and along with him and his soldiers, they are strongly accountable for all of their horrid actions.
Minor Nazi Soldiers

The minor Nazi soldiers deserve about thirteen percent of the burden because they were the ones who carried out small orders and who weren't as important to Hitler as the major SS officers. However, that does not exclude them for committing the hate crimes against the Jewish people. though thirteen percent seems very minimum, the sum of the faults of Hitler and his soldiers equal up to a great amount and takes up about sixty-five percent of the whole graph. The soldiers do need to take most of the blame. Even though they had to follow their orders, they didn't respond back in any way to be against it. They still did kill innocent people. How could a person ever think about harming another person? How could a person decide to blindly follow orders without knowing if it was for the greater good? Whatever the soldiers were thinking was apparently not in the best interest of the people, and who knows? Maybe the soldiers weren't thinking at all.
Top SS Officers
The major SS officers were cruel and followed Hitler around like little puppy dogs. That's why they deserve 25 percent. They would carry out unrealistic orders and were allowed to kill the Jews for no reason. If and officer felt like one of the Jews walking fast enough, POW! They would be shot down in front of everybody in a mater of milliseconds. The fact that anyone would even think to kill someone for no real reason at all what so ever is beyond absurd. The SS officers didn't just follow Hitler's orders against the Jews wholeheartedly but they would also do unnecessary things to the Jews for their own fun. A result of that is people blaming them for alot of what happened, which is most definetly true,
German Voters
Residents near Concentration Camps
Allied Countries
Non- Jewish Europeans
The residents living near the concentration camps deserve at least 10 percent of the blame. They saw first hand the horrible things what the officers were doing to the Jewish people, yet they still remained quiet. Even though they weren't directly causing those horrible things to occur, they did not try to stop it. they indirectly let the Holocaust prolong for a greater amount of time. Many other people in Europe, especially the Jews,did not know how extreme these ideas of extermination are, but they did and even they didn't stop it.
The German voters deserve eight percent of the blame. How could someone be so stupid to vote for a leader who is so cruel to citizens of his own country? Hitler himself said that he would get rid (exterminate) all the Jews in Europe. Knowingly, they voted for him, and they still participated in speaking out against the Jews. They were looking for a new leader to dig their country out of the hole and they got exactly that.
The Allied Countries, such as America and Britain, had evidence of the brutality of Hitler towards the Jews, yet they waited around and did nothing to help the Jews, That is exactly why they deserve nine percent. The Allied countries as well as everyone else who knew about the problem and did nothing to help resolve it should take a piece of the blame. The United States was the most powerful army, so tell me why they never invaded Germany.
Majority of the Europeans that weren't Jewish knew all about the Holocaust, but they did nothing to try to hide them. They take five percent of the blame. Maybe they didn't help out of the fear that they too would be in major trouble. However, that still doesn't excuse them from trying. They could have covered for them like Miep did in "The Diary of Anne Frank"., but no. They just sat back and watched it all happen.
We believe that Yahweh, the God of the Jews, deserves a max of one percent of the blame. The Holocaust was planned and practiced by people. Yahweh had nothing to do with it. You can't blame him for the actions of other people. What do you expect Him to do? Send fire from heaven and consume their enemies? Us humans are to blame for the persecution of the Jewish people.
The churches of this time saw evidence of the Holocaust from different places in Europe. Even then, they remained silent and did not speak out against them. They could have at least reported what they know to the Allie countries, but they didn't do that. We gave them only 2 percent of the blame though because, if they were caught helping the Jews in any way, they would have been persecuted.
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