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-Hone Tuwhare

Hannah Joson

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Friend

Friend. And finally,
The Message. Next,
the Literary Devices Metaphors Rhyming Forming the tree First of all,
The Symbolism The biggest one, was the tree. Killing the tree. Fixing the tree There isn't a specific moral to the story,
but one of the messages Hone is trying to
get across is that we should fix problems and
resolve issues as fast as possible so that you won't
let the little things cause you to drift apart. Another message that the poet thinks is
worth our time, is that we should treasure
the gift of friendship, and don't let what is
important get away from us. It is important to look after your friendship
ties, it doesn't hurt to polish them up every
once in a while. Make sure that the intricate
ribbon is still intact and shows your trust and
belief in the other person. The effect of a metaphor is to help give
better visualization of the setting. It also helps
to add mystical aura and depth to it.
"No silken tracery on the cracked clay
floor." Rhyme is used in poems
to add a rhythm and
flow to the poem. This
creates a nice effect when
the poem is read out loud.

"The air that was thick
with the whir of toetoe
spears succumbs at last
to the grey gull's
wheel." Personifications Hone Tuwhare. Friend is about a broken friendship. A broken friendship that someone wants to fix, but can't. The tree represents their
friendship and the author
remembers the past where they
form it and their bond was strong
like the tree.
"Do you remember the stretch
of land with the lone tree
guarding the point from the
sharp-tongued sea?"
This is a symbol of their friendship
that was strong and could keep
it's stand no matter what problems they faced in
their life. This was when their
bond got weaker and
weaker until it eventually
broke completely.
"The boat we built out
of the branches
wrenched from the tree. is dead wood now." It is evident in the poem that
the author wants to fix their
friendship back to what it
used to be.
"Friend, allow me to
mend the broken ends of
shared days"
And also the author feels the
world is a better place if the tree is alive once
"Perhaps the tree will strike fresh roots
again: give soothing shade to a
hurt and troubled world. The personifications are used to link
the tree to the subject of the poem. This
makes the tree seem more alive and more
like their bond.
"Pursed to the lips her fine-edged leaves
made whistle--now stamp no silken
tracery on the cracked clay floor."
It also shows how the tree is dying
along with the friendship that they
had. The other message is that
friends are important new and
old! Like the old saying "Treasure your
pearls, but also take care of your gold."

This means that you should gain new friends
but also keep in touch with your previous friends.
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