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Agreeable Arab Tour

No description

Qi Hao Chen

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of Agreeable Arab Tour

Welcome to the Agreeable Arab Tour Around the World in 50 minutes Fruit market Market of halal meat Halal meat No pork Some objects typically arab A restaurent in this community Examples of typical food The end
Thank you for your attention Couscous Shisha Some religious books L'étoile de Tunis The typical arab business The shisha is a kind
of water pipe used
to smoke tabacco To have halal meat:
the animal's throat has to be cut
the animal's head has to be turn in the direction of the Mecca for empty its blood
the animal has to be cut by a Muslim while he is prononcing sacred words The pork is considered like
a impur animal because it
eats waste and it is disgusting L'étoile de Tunis attracts
many person by its tasty food
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