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Country Music Through the Ages

No description

Sarah Muma

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Country Music Through the Ages

- World war one

- Einstein’s theory
of general relativity

- Radio programming
becomes popular

- Oliver twist comes out

- The model-T is

- The titanic sinks Fashion INSTRUMENTS
- Banjo
- Fiddle
- Dulcimers
- Guitar
- Mandolin 1920's 1930's 1940's 1950's & 60's 1970's & 80's 1990's 2000's - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - HISTORICAL EVENTS
- Women begin going to work in the workplace in larger numbers
- The prohibition
- The stock markets are great
- Don Juan is released
- The jazz age of music
- The BBC begins
- Winnie the pooh and the
great Gatsby come out Fashion INSTRUMENTS
-Steel guitar
- The prohibition ends

- The great depression (the crash of the stock markets)

- Air mail is delivered

- RCA Victor produced the first long-playing phonograph record

- Chocolate chip cookies are invented

- The first electric lap steel guitar comes out (the frying pan)

- Swing music is popular

- The wizard of Oz comes out

- Empire state building and the golden gate bridge are constructed Fashion INSTRUMENTS
- Banjo
- Fiddle
- Dulcimers
- Guitar
- Steel guitar
- Mandolin
- Dobro
- Bass
- World War 2

- Commercial T.V

- Velcro and the microwave are invented

- The quantum theory is developed

- Casablanca, the best years of our lives, and Bambi come out

- L’étranger, Pippi Longstocking and the diary of Anne Frank are published. Fashion INSTRUMENTS
-Steel guitar
-Electric Pedal
Steel Guitar - the cold war

- invention of the television

- a polio vaccine was found

- double helix structure of DNA is discovered

- rock and roll is popular and Elvis is king

- the 'golden era' of 3-D cinematography

- post WWII economic boom -lord of the rings and the chronicles of Narnia comes out (book)

-assassination of John F. Kennedy

-the ‘I have a dream’ speech


-The first heart transplant is preformed

-Birth control is invented

-Mary Poppins and Midnight Cowboy come out (film)

-The ‘gunsmoke’ television series is popular

A wide variety of instruments were used in this era due to the different styles of country music. ROCKABILLY
- Electric Guitar
- Bass Guitar
- Drums
- Pedal Steel
- Piano
- Vocal Chorus
- Guitar
- Bass Guitar
- Electric Guitar
- Drums
- Pedal Steel
- Worst economy since the 1930’s

- Apollo 14 lands on the moon

- The first MRI image is published

- The first walkman is built

- Fuel prices for automobiles increases

- Women gain more rights

- Soft rock, hard rock and progressive rock are the new favourite genres.

-Country music remains popular in the U.S. -Star wars

-The world trade centers are built

-Reagan assassination attempt

-Arcade games become a major industry

-The boom box

-MTV is launched

-Michael Jackson

-The Rubik’s cube Fashion Outlaw Country Country Pop Truck Driving Country Neotraditionalists The Genres HISTORICAL EVENTS
-Cell phones are invented

-The hubble space telescope is launched into space

-The portable walkman is invented

-The human genome project is launched

-Genetically engineered crops become available

-Titanic the movie

-Light up shoes

-Princess Diana dies Fashion HISTORICAL EVENTS
- Barak Obama becomes the first black president
- Swine Flu Epidemic
- Human Genome Project Completed
- IPods and MP3’s are Invented and Wildly Popular
- Cellphones are increasingly popular
- Facebook is Invented
- Avatar is the Highest Grossing Film
- Economic Crisis Fashion INSTRUMENTS Country Music Through the Ages
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