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Parts of a computer

No description

Alex Hengesbach

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of Parts of a computer

Parts of a computer
Is the brain of the computers, the faster it learn the better it gets.
Where the data is stored and is quickly reached.
Permanent storage
A storage that saves data if the computer is turned off.
Power supply
To convert one electrical energy to another.
Usually contains the CPU and other main devices.
USB Port
Conects devices to a computer, USB cord is used.
Optical Drive

Is a disk drive that uses lasers.
Video Card
Connects to the motherboard and display images.
Contains most of the componets of a computer.
Case Fans
Is a fan that is used for cooling the computer.
PC stands for personal computer and is used for individual users.
It absorbs heat in devices that get warm.
Is a screen that displays visual output.
A device that connects and works with the computer.
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