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Area 51

No description

Madison Jones

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Area 51

By: Savannah Elliott, Madison Jones,
Amanda Elsey, and Kelsey Fox Area 51 Location How It Started Security History cont... Workers Owned by U.S. Air Force Surrounded by desert
No fence, but border
Pay large fine Janet terminal
Las Vegas McCarran Airport
Casual clothing
Takes only Area 51 employees Southern Nevada
Edwards Air Force Base
"Paradise Ranch" Nevada Test and Training Range "Cammo dudes"
Travel in jeep Buses for employees not taking plane White Sides Peak and Freedom Ridge Hike up to get view of Area 51
Restricted now
Today: Tikaboo Peak
26 miles away Buses for employees not taking plane Other transportation Lives of the Workers Sign oaths
Can't reveal to wives or relatives
No windows in buildings
One telephone Black Projects Name for aircraft being constructed
"Don't exist" Conspiracies There are lots of conspiracies surrounding the mysterious military base. Alien and UFO rumors The military base above the supposed secret underground Area 51 is a military testing site for weapons especially air craft.
These are experimental machines that are often more advanced than current technology which is why new airplanes are often mistaken for UFO's. U-2 and OXCART Tony LeVier was a tester for the new aircraft U-2 in April 1955 and was told by Kelly Johnson to find a place to test the U-2 and he found Groom Lake, Nevada. They set up the base that they called "The Ranch". it was built to accomodate the U-2. F-117 In 1977, the Have Blue stealth fighter was perfected and tested. after four years it turned into the F-117. Not only were the F-117 tested but the weapons in the aircraft were also tested. It was able to be stealthy and take out specific targets. SR-71
The SR-71 was created as a black project from the A-12. It was made in 1964. Kelly Johnson created it and it was supposed to avoid missiles by flying at fast speed and high altitude. The U-2 started being tested. The first flight occurred on August 4, 1955. While the faculty was still working on the U-2, OXCART, or A-12 was sent to The Ranch for testing. The Ranch needed remodeling because it was too small for the A-12. The existence of the A-12 was declassified. History History cont... Boeing 737 jets Should the U.S. government keep it a secret? Yes because...
National security
Other countries may learn about our "stealth plans" The main rumor involves aliens and UFO's. Because of the secrecy and remoteness people believe scientific research is being done there. Roswell Roswell is the supposed landing site of an alien spaceship. Many people believe the government has taken the spaceship and is currently working to reverse engineer it. By using reverse engineering they can figure out how it works and use it for the governments own purposes. There are many rumors about alien life at Area 51. A lot of poeple believe that scientists have already found aliens. The lore surrounding actual alien life forms says that scientists study the remains of these creatires and preform genetic testing. It has also been said that Roswell is the site of advances in the construction of a time machine. Media T.V. cameras
Magnetic sensors
Road sensors
Sensory system to detect human sweat Setting for several novels, television shows, films, music and video games
Base of it in episodes of Futurama, Kim Possible, CSI, and The Simpsons Media Arcade game
Base in video games such as Duke Nukem3D, Destroy All Humans, Grand Theft Auto, Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, and World of Warcraft Games Media Music A rock musical about it, written by Daniel O'Brien
References to the base appear in several rock songs such as Megadeth's "Hangar 18" Media Film Independence Day, follows theories about the purpose of the base
Area 51 movie in production
Rumors that the next Indiana Jones will involve the facility
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