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plant diversity

photos of different plant group examples

shelly pilversack

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of plant diversity

Diversity of Plants Non-Vascular Plants Vascular Plants Non-Seed Plants Seed Plants Gymnosperms Angiosperms Characteristics No vascular tissue(xylem & phloem)

limited to moist habitats by streams,
rivers, tropical forests Limited size - small! Reproduction have structures that produce
sperm and egg to reproduce Examples Moss Characteristics have vascular tissue can be taller, transport water
from roots to rest of plant don't have seeds! Reproduction Sperm & egg are in or on soil
need water for fertilization Examples Ferns Horsetails Characteristics Have seeds! have seeds in a cone
keeps leaves all year (evergreen) produce pollen & egg in a cone
fertilization leads to seed = baby plant Redwoods, Spruce, Ginkgo, Pine, Fir, Juniper have seeds in fruit
have flowers
deciduous - lose leaves in fall produce pollen & egg in flowers
seeds form Lily, Magnolia, Apple, Rose, Dogwood, Maple
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