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Study Skills Class

No description

Christina Borth

on 1 September 2016

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Transcript of Study Skills Class

Welcome to Study Skills
What is the role of Study Skills class?
The Resource Teacher's Role is to ...

encourage student self-motivation & self-accountability
provide support to resource students and their general education teachers.
Typical Study Skills Class
1. Bell Work: Activity to review previously taught skill.

2. Instructional Lesson: 15-20 minutes, study skills strategy or content area re-teaching.

3. Student-Teacher Conference: students supported in managing assignments and working towards IEP goals through daily teacher-student conference (feedback & support).

4. Study Goal Work: students begin working on individual study goal(s), receiving assistance as needed.
Teacher availability in addition to study skills class:
Wednesday mornings during academic assistance ( 8:55 - 9:20 )
Contact the Teacher:
Thank you!

Please do not hesitate to contact me.
You know your child best. If you are seeing academic problems or concerns at home, then the sooner I know, the sooner we can work together on a solution.

With Ms. Borth
Study Skills Class
1. To provide resource students with
re-instruction in academic areas of reading,
writing, and math skills as noted on the IEP.

2. Provide direct instruction related to study skills:
time management
active listening techniques
self awareness techniques & self-advocacy skills
retention & memory techniques
3. Provide students support with assigned tasks:
management & planning
additional explanation or re-teaching
monitor & facilitate student work towards goals focused on within their Individual Education Plan (IEP).
oversee your child’s general education program.
partner with students in brainstorming & problem solving
monitor missing work
By appointment (arranged in class or by e-mail [cborth@cfsd16.org])
Check Teacher Website:

You can leave a message for me in the office at (520) 209-8200
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