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English Mandy Car Recycle Program bemutató 2

Mandy Car Recycle Program bemutató

Gábor Őri

on 19 April 2017

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Transcript of English Mandy Car Recycle Program bemutató 2

The BMW Recycling program
is a unique program
on a global scale.
The joint program of BMW Vertriebs GmbH's Hungarian Establishment and Mandy CaRecycling for the disposal and recycle of the recalled and replaced Takata airbags.
Because of the unfortunate airbag incidents in the past years several automakers have been recalled to replace airbags made by major supplier Takata, which were mostly installed in cars manufactured in the 2000s.
BMW as premium automaker was one of the first who decided to recall the affected models for airbag replacement, although there is no known incidents caused by Takata airbags. This shows
the people-oriented philosophy
of BMW.
The two companies
by mutually assisting
eachother have developed the
replaced airbag collection, transportation and outside of vehicle disposal technology. Furthermore the recycling of the remaining airbag components as secondary
raw material.
Own production!

Thank you for your attention!

The sodium azide (NaN3)
used in the airbag's inflation system is
extremely toxic. When an airbag is deployed,
the chemicals in the inflator undergo a reaction
that converts the sodium azide to harmless nitrogen gas. While in the airbags it can save lives however it is a severe poison. It may be fatal in contact with skin, if swallowed or inhaled. The central nervous system and the cardiovascular system are most sensitive to acute sodium azide poisoning. Sodium azide rapidly hydrolyzes in water and acids, forming a highly toxic and volatile liquid solution that poses a serious inhalation hazard and a potential threat to aquatic
life. Sodium azide decomposes violently when
heated. When it comes into contact with metal
surfaces heavy metal azides are formed,
which ara highly shock-sensitive
explosives. Should be treated as hazardous
waste that does not degrade.
The Mandy CaRecycling developed a special 10 ft container where 30 airbags can be deployed electronically 3 minutes and with high security.
The proper, eco-conscious disposal of undeployed airbags sets new challenges for the car recycling industry. With specific regard to units which can not be deployed using the manufacturer information on airbag management, namely it has to be deployed outside of the vehicle.
How airbags work:
The airbag system ignites a solid propellant, which burns extremely rapidly to create a large volume of nitrogen gas to inflate the bag. The whole process happens in 40ms when the sensors receive information from an accelerometer built into a microchip. The airbag's inflation system reacts Sodium
Azide (NaN3) with Potassium Nitrate
(KNO3) Silicon dioxide (SiO2) to produce nitrogen gas.

The Mandy CaRecycling Airbag Program
delivers a real, concrete, inexpensive and comforting solution to address the problem generated by the recalled and replaced airbags.
Using the technology developed by us we can deploy the airbags in an isolated environment and dispose the higly toxic Sodium Azide.
In addition we removed the risk of accident having replaced the Takata airbags becasue the electronical deployment is happening in a closed, controller container.
Last but not least the remaining components can be recycled almost 100% by making secondary raw materials or new products.
Beside Hungary we can provide this service in
most of the European countries as well.

We can make various products out
of the air bag material
(Polyamide - PA).

Mandy CaRecycling
Airbag Program is a complex program for airbag collection, transportation and disposal. From the remaining components we prepare secondary raw materials which we use to make
Slow motion
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