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Common Core

No description

Christina Roberts

on 25 May 2013

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Transcript of Common Core

How We Aligned Professional Development and Inquiry Cycles From Confusion to Cohesion: Confusion Cohesion Resources Reflections Early Confusion We started the year very confused about which bucket various professional tasks fit. Working Through the Confusion Instructions for Three Buckets Activity Participant turn-and-talk Pink Bucket: Common Core Lab
Yellow Bucket: Inquiry Team
Blue Bucket: City-Wide Instructional Expectations Calendar of Workshops and Events Agenda At your school, who is in charge of planning and facilitating professional development?
What should be considered when planning effective PD? Final Thoughts How well does professional development at your school support teachers in meeting the instructional shifts brought about by the Common Core? In what ways could it be improved? 5 Minutes 1. Warm-up: Three Buckets
2. Discuss and share
3. Presentation
4. Reflection (Turn-and-talk) Back at JCTS... November 2012 Our Ah-ha moment Back at JCTS... March, 2013 5 min Back at JCTS... February 2013 Work collaboratively at your table to place each token in to one of the buckets.
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