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Sports in the 1920's

baseball, football and basketball in the 1920's

Maggie Dillon

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Sports in the 1920's

Sports in the 1920's Football Baseball Golf Rags to Riches American football was not always the same. It was only just starting to be noticed thanks to four men. American Football: Joe E. Carr, Tim Mara, Red Grange and George Halas changed the sport. American Professional Football Association Jim Thrope was elected president with Stanley Cofall as his vice president. 14 teams took part in this orginization. APFA: Chicago Cardinals Dayton Triangles Decatur Staleys They founded the American Professional Football Association, or the APFA. Later they divided the league into two even conferences- the AFC and the NFC. George Halas Red Grange Tim Mara Joe E. Carr A group of students at Princeton began playing what was then known as "ballown". First using their fists and then feet to advance the ball, they created a rule-less game that consisted mainly of one goal: to advance the ball past the opposing team. At Harvard, boys competes A At H The big turning point was when Tim Mara paid $2,500 for the NY Giants contract. The huge NY sports market provided 76,000 paying customers to watch the game. This was huge financial stability for Mara, Grange and Halas' Chicago team. The Turning Point Maggie Dillon, Joey DeFelice and Jack Drake Start of New changes Baseball was the social pass time of America. New teams and stadiums were being built all over. American Baseball: Babe Ruth the hero of basebll in the 1920's. Set records brought in fans by the thousands he was a god!!!!! Probally the most horrific moment in baseball was the White Sox scandle or other wise know as the "Black Socks". Popularity increases dramatically golf specatatorship and participation
increases in the middle class Bobby Jones was the most dominant golfer of the decade Jones became the only golfer ever
to complete a "Grand Slam". He did it in 1930. The The USGA The economic boom gave the middle class for leisure time to do things like golf. Bobby Jones was the most dominant golfer of the decade. 1930 "Grand Slam": U.S. Open, British Open, U.S. Amateur, British Amateur tournaments. Bobby Jones was known for his sportsmanship USGA Bob Jones Award Jones, Hagen, Sarazen: The Three Musketeers U.S. Open British Open Jones Hagen Sarazen The End
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