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Glidden Campaign Challenge

Penny Pinchin' Crafters

Lauren Shelton

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Glidden Campaign Challenge

Focus Group Six Female Millennials (Single)
Ages 18-25
Familiarity with paint
Perception as of Walmart
Shopping behavior in Walmart MOS Interviews Conducted at Hobby Lobby

7 interviewees

We learned people are aware of Glidden at Walmart, but would not consider buying it.

Wal-Mart has a poor reputation for paint and home improvement (that's an understatment!) Glidden Campaign Challenge Secondary Research E-Survey 55% of survey respondents were more familiar with Sherwin Williams Paint

Quality is foremost the important thing when it comes to purchasing paint

Friend recommendations affect their purchasing decisions Introduction The goal: raise awareness and consideration of Glidden paint at Walmart

Target market: "Penny Pinchin' Crafters" AKA Renting DIY Shoppers (ages 18-35)

Overview: various methods of research brought to our big idea- Lauren, Z, Katie, Jill, and Alex http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-WuxO3zRA8&feature=youtu.be Penny Pinchin' Crafters want the luxury without the price tag, and convenience is key. Conclusion -Glidden needs to play a bigger role in-store promotions.

-Larger, more organized and convenient craft section at Walmart

-Quality is a large factor when purchasing paint

-Penny Pinchin' Crafters value friend's opinion -Merril Edge Report: 84% of 18-34 year olds are willing to do DIY to save money

-2011 Nielsen Survey: direct mail and newspapers are the 2 channels that most influence this target market....wait WHAT?

-Generational Insight: 9/10 millennials value lowest prices and 53% say discounts affect their buying behavior

-Marketing to the Generations: this generation is more likely to impulse buy and they are frequent shoppers at convenience stores In-Depth Interviews -Interviewed Walmart employees

-Paint section

-Assistant Manager

-Contractors have a lot of power in Walmart and that will help Glidden with in-store promotions

-Paint section employees have new technology to work with and many have been employed at Walmart for years

7. Other 1%
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