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Allianz Tracking Project

No description

Are Rod

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Allianz Tracking Project

ATP Project:
1st Phase
Identified Problem
Car insurance premiums rise triple the rate of inflation over the past year
To improve customer service

Create competitive advantage

Reduce cost bear up by both consumer and company
Allianz Tracking
Project (ATP)

Source (News, 2013)

Three people killed in two-car crash
on the Golden Highway at Jerrys Plains
An overview on the usage of recent
technology in
reducing cost of input
to maximize profit

The goal of this project is to give
action to customers

reducing cost of severe injuries

ATP : 2nd Phase
Allianz SWOT Analysis
ATP SWOT Analysis
Satellite network is all around Australia.
Workshops around Australia to deliver cars once accident occurs.
Free of charge to send cars and Allianz’s own track.
Device only adapt to vehicles of 2000’s later model.
One car one device.
80km/h impact separates most serious accidents from small accidents.
Identification and
Analysis of Options
Option 1 – Do nothing

Option 2 – Allianz Tracking Project
Option 1-Do nothing
Benefits: no change of operations and producers, no challenge to face
Dis-benefits: not consider Top 5 Management concerns
Option 1-Do nothing
No risk involved in short term
Risk of reducing market share and revenues in long term
Stakeholder impact:
Same incomes and revenues for investors, they will choose to move or stay
Customer satisfaction remains in the same level
Option 2-Allianz
Tracking Project
Increase Allianz’s net income in 15%
Decrease death costs

New operational costs appear for
All costs are ROM cost estimations in AUD
ATP lifecycle = 5 years
Hardware depreciation hardware linear (25%) within 5 years
Investment to be completed within year 0
400,000 car accidents happen annually in Australia of which 8% resulted in death (32,000) and 92% other kind of injuries (368,000)
Net income today, $463.870 M
Total projected annual ongoing costs
Increase – 15% net income increase per year

Benefit 2
Reduction – 20% in Accidental Death Cover and as a consequence 20% increase in Accident Costs
Total benefits
Net Present Value
Comparison of Options
Project Title : Allianz Tracking Project
Target Outcomes: Allianz insurance company and customers
Work Plan:
-Initial phase-start up investment
-Second phase-recover the investment
-Third phase-bring positive NPV in 5 years time
-Final phase-replace of old device


Azhar Mahd Salleh Masari: Introduction, Overview of the project, and the business case.
Kaiyue Song: Situation Assessment and Problem Statement, and Assumption and Constraints.
Areli Rodriguez Montes De Oca: Identification and Analysis of Options
Lingou Sun: Implementation Strategy, and Project Preparation.

Information: from Internet & customer feedback
Project preparation
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Benefit 1
How to do it?
With Perimeter Security, Authorization and Authentication Methods
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