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Natural Disaster Project

No description

Ashley Keeling

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Natural Disaster Project

Natural Disaster Project
Project Purpose
1. Design a prezi to define natural disasters, such as earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis.
2. Plan a presentation to teach others about safety during natural disasters.
3. Define and use the correct vocabulary.
4. Identify and analyze what causes an earthquake, volcano and tsunami to take place.

Vocabulary Needed
Plate Tectonics
Boundaries- Divergent, Convergent or Transform
Faults- Normal, Reverse or Strike-Slip
Waves- Seismic Waves, S-Waves or P-Waves
Earthquake, Volcano, or Tsunami
Project Guidelines
Use questions that you have come up with in class to guide your presentation
5 Minute Presentation
Answer the questions in the rubric
Use the needed vocabulary
Each person must have at least 1 question

Have Fun!
Be Creative!
Click the link to see who is in your group

Presentation Order
8-1 Groups
Tuesday Presentations
1. Group 1
2. Group 2
3. Group 3
4. Group 4
5. Group 5

Wednesday Presentations
1. Group 6
2. Group 7
3. Group 8
8-2 Groups
Tuesday Presentations
1. Group 1
2. Group 2
3. Group 4
4. Group 7
5. Group 8

Wednesday Presentations
1. Group 3
2. Group 5
3. Group 6
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