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European Colonization

No description

Jamie Blessing

on 24 May 2016

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Transcript of European Colonization

Europeans brought many new food to the Americas. For example, European colonization helped create soul food. Also, Spain introduced wheat, sugar cane, and citrus fruits to the Americas. We still eat these foods today.
My first reason is...
In my opinion, European colonization had a lasting positive impact in the Americas. My reasons: are Europeans brought many new foods, they updated the way that the natives lived, and Europeans brought new languages to Americas.
In conclusion, European colonization had a lasting impact on the Americas. This impact can be seen all around us today--in our food, houses and even the way we speak!
My second reason is...
Europeans brought the idea of houses to the Americas. As an example, the first homes in Boston were elaborate, relatively large and designed like those in Europe. In addition, Spain introduced buildings with central open courtyards or patios; flat roofs.
European Colonization
By: Jaliah

My last reason is...
Europeans brought new languages to Americas. Several Europeans brought: Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, and English. Today, the most common languages in the Americas are English and Spanish.
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